“Xiao Xiao is back now,I don’t have to go!“Xia Jian be careful,Whispered。

Old Xiao’s face changed,Screamed:“nonsense,Xiao Xiao has officially appointed you as the Deputy General Manager of Venture Group,Can you not go?“
what?Xia Jian was surprised,Why these women do things,Always cut first and play later,He doesn’t know anything about it,Xiao Xiao has been with him for so long,Didn’t mention a word either!No way,I have to find her to settle accounts。Xia Jian thought of this,Just thinking of getting up。
“sit down!Do you look down on the position of deputy general manager??I tell you,If you want to develop Xiping Village,Must rely on entrepreneurial groups,Just rely on you?Do you feel the power of you alone,What can Xiping Village be built into??”Old Xiao shouted,What he said,All reason。
Xia Jian sat back honestly,He scolded himself secretly,who are you?Give you a position as vice president of the group,You still find someone to settle the account,Isn’t this a white-eyed wolf??Moreover,If it wasn’t for the old Xiao family to support him this time,,He went back to Xiping Village as a fart,Critical time,I still have to talk about strength。
“Figured it out?Once you figure it out, go back to the company and have a look”Old Xiao patted the table and shouted,Looks like the old man is really angry。
Xia Jian hurriedly got up,Said repeatedly:“I go,I go”
Out the door,Hit a di,Soon I arrived under the Zheshang Building,Watching a scene of prosperity,Xia Jian has a long-lost feeling,He is already the official vice president of the venture group。
First0092chapter Sweet dreams
Just after8Out of the elevator。
Wang Lin smiled and greeted him。She looks,Seems to be a lot more beautiful,It might be a long time,A brand new feeling!
“Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Xia,Your office is newly renovated,in806,With Mr. Xiao808right next to”Wang Lin said,Opened the door quickly。
“Ah!”Xia Jian didn’t control his emotions,Can’t help but make a sound,This room is decorated too luxuriously,Higher grade than Xiao Xiao’s original office,It seems that people really treat him as vice president。
Wang Lin closed the door gently,said laughingly:“President Xia,Looks very tired,Shall you wash,People will be more energetic,There are many things waiting for you to decide”

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