“Ok,Then you can go,is not it?”

“Ok,Let’s go back,Nothing。”Doctor nodded,To the nurse around,“Shout next。”
Liu Shuqin squinted,Shaking his head,“I said nothing is fine,You don’t believe it,Have to come to the hospital,How much time wasted。”
Zhang Siwei exploded,Replied very rudely,“mom,Is it okay?,Are you happy when something happens?”
Ye Boping looks at Zhang Siwei,“Think about danger,What did you say?”
The doctor listened,“Be careful,Now this season is the high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease,Don’t be careless,It’s best not to take your baby to a crowded place。”
Zhang Siwei nodded and thanked the doctor,Come out and ask Liu Shuqin,“mom,Did you hear,Did the doctor say not to go to crowded places??”
075 Conflict of ideas 3
Liu Shuqin sighed,“You are all right,You are all right,It’s my fault,alright。”After speaking, stride forward。
“mom,Don’t be angry。”Ye Boping chased two steps,Looking back at Zhang Siwei,“Think about danger,You can’t say a few words less?”
“Sorry,I’m anxious。”Zhang Siwei also suddenly felt that he was a bit past today,Apologize,Said again,“You take her home,I’ll take a taxi and go home。”
“it is good。”Ye Boping strode out,“mom,Wait for me。”
Liu Shuqin is still angry,“Boping,Don’t follow me,Go with your wife,You see it’s dark。”
“I will send you back,Get in the car,Good,Why are you angry again。”
“Is it good?Look at your wife,It didn’t take me seriously,Can’t look down on my old rural lady。”Liu Shuqin glanced at Zhang Siwei and didn’t follow,Just said。

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