“I dare to find a girl to talk.”

Spring is talking with a smile。
“You are!Spring!”Xiao Li shocked。
“long time no see,day by day”Springs look at the day while swearing,Of course, there is no talk next to it.。
“How do you grow so much?”Surprised every day,The change in Spring is too big.。
Quan Yi touchs face,Why is this problem?,He is all asked。
“Maybe it’s more”
“You still have no change,There is always a vicious interest”Ningxing said faintly。
“Don’t you change?,Cold face”Quanyi said。
“Humph”The two people snort。
“Hello,We are the companions of Spring,My name is Huizi”Then Huizi will look at the letter。
“I am a letter.”Huizi’s status is also very high,If it is not a ninja,Huizi will be the leader,Letter can’t be able to pay it.。
“Feed”Every day, I came to Spring to poke the spring and then quietly said.:“Your companion is very beautiful.,Got up”
Spring full of head,My unmarried wife,You ask me to get started.。
Then, the spring said a few words in the ear of every day.。
“Ah ha ha,Spring can”Every day, I laughed and patted the shoulders of the springs.。
“Xiao Li,You continue,Spring is running to you.。”
“Oh oh”Xiao Li has some don’t understand,But let him continue him or know。
Then Xiao Li also stood in front of Sakura.,“please date with me,I will protect you.”
“Uh-huh?”Xiao Saki is in the spot.。
“Never”Sakurai black line plus。
“Hahaha,Xiao Li, you really have a set.”Spring laugh。
Then take the shoulder of Xiao Li,Let Xiao Li will not feel too uncomfortable。
After all, this pair of Xiao Li,It’s too big to fight.。
“Ah ha ha,fine”Xiao Li said,After all, I have seen myself to be rejected.。
“Naruto,Assist,let’s go”Sakura said。
“it is good”Sasuke looked at the springs。
“Spring,Xiao Li,Every day, we will wait.”Naruto is happy。
“This should not be able to do it.,Also”Spring thought。
But Xiao Li seems to be a little,He just also saw that Xiao Yakai didn’t seem to like it.,He wants to prove yourself。
So I followed it directly.。
“Xiao Li!”Every day, I have already chased the past.。
“Let it go,We also have a look”Spring said helplessly said to Ning.。
Ning did not speak,Go directly。
Spring also walked in Huizi and Letter。

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