【Remark:Call of the mother of the disaster】

Mysterious mother,It is the wood carving of the eight-legged scorpion seen in the residential of the Night God in the Night God.,Smuggling dealers only treat it as an ordinary artwork,It’s just a horrific thing.,But I didn’t expect this thing itself is living.。
【The only props with self-thinking】
【All disaster props are born to it】
About this item,It will be here.。
Whether it is a dragon,Or demon dragon,I have a historical source.,For example, the Daochuo era,For example, the Ruoriao Day,But I’m going to look at the top of the big book of the special book.,But there is no explanation。
The first reaction of the subject is that the history of Japan is so,The material is not composed.。
But in a careful,Perhaps the name of the eight-legged big snake,I have already named the source itself.。
The somewhere of the eight-legged big snake is《Ancient accident》,Japan’s first history book,But saying is the first history book,In fact, it has also been712Year,This year, next door, Tang Dynasty, just a good Tang Xuanzong。
Just just《Ancient accident》This book,“Discrete”This word appeared for the first time.,It refers to the earliest play in Japan。
Gang He and the Big Snake are in the same year。
What do people think of this?。
Kee Expo and putting the notebook on the side,I am deeply thoughtful.。
Memories of history,Recall your impression of your Go
I really recall what?。
Although this word is the first time it appears712year,But according to reliable history,685year,Tianwu Tianshi summoned the public to talk about the Temple。
But it’s689year,During the Democrats, I banned the Go until after twelve years.701Remove the ban。
Forbidden twelve years,Reason is that folk chess sticks are flooded,And it is also a gambling,Severe affecting production labor,So there is a matter of destroying the Buddha’s specifications。
However,This is just a record in Japan.,True record636Year of the motherland《Sui Shu·倭 国 传》——Crook“Good chess、Grip、樗 之。”
Think of these key historical pieces,An idea of some conspiracy is formed in the mind。
Many of Japanese native monsters origina are China,I have come to Japan to become a jade algae.,So Go, Japan, maybe it can really become an eight-legged big snake.。
When Go login to Japan’s moment,Some disasters are also quietly born.,Become more and more,It is689Yearned,I am afraid that the rulers realize the danger of certain metaphysical sense.。
Eight bodies,Is this dangerous source。
The oldest morning,none of them。
It is what it represents,Not a chess,But a whole era,E even Go itide。
refer to【Dragon】It is born through the negative emotions of Tao Shi yourself.,Maybe the birth of the eight-bifid snake may also be related to negative emotions,At the very least, it is possible to take negative emotions.。
For twelve years of chess,I finally pressed the eight-legged big snake.,But it doesn’t die,But hidden in the shadow,Hatch one in another。
It hides this in the years hidden for thousands of years.,Finally1974One day of the year was smuggled out when it was a common cultural relic.,It is also the end of another dragon on this board.。
Branch also continues to browse the notebook——
1974The night of the year,The sea disappointment can not have a slap in the nucleus.,The general passengers of the whole boat have undertaken this disaster with life.。
With the dramatic shaking of the ship,The eight-legged big snake is like a self-consciousness.,Sliding from the ground without resistance among the inclined,The gate of the warehouse is also automatically separated,It’s such a way that there is no resistance in the sea.。
If everything is developed according to its script,How long does it take?,It will get a fishermen on a coast of Japan,Return to this land,Back to your own nest。
But it didn’t expect it.,When it falls into the sea,There is a teenager who is surviving to be too strong to take it as a life-saving straw.,Looking forward to this wood product can bring yourself up。
This boy is of course, the Yinchuan Long,Year15Hello。
Although he suffers from extreme depression,I bought a ticket without a backhaul.,I plan to end my life in the romantic art.,But wait until the disaster is really happening,Their survival is suddenly exploded.。
The development of things is more than the expectation of the eight-legged big snake,Although it is wooden,But the buoyancy is very poor,If you add a teenager, the iron is to be sinking.。
at this time,I only use the way to solve the problem.——duel!
I am listening to accidentally happy。
Can’t be imagined to the conversation between the eight-bodied big snake and the Yinhua——
Eight-legged big snake:“Niima!Work with labor,Do you want to find death?,Quickly!”

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