“Cheng’s mission,Can’t push。”Maureen simply replied。

“What happened to this task?”Yu Zhe didn’t see what was wrong,I think it’s very ordinary。
“Isn’t it,I didn’t see it?”Shi Mu Luo said in a joke,“The target is the current boss of a small gang,The killer line is actually(tǐng)Taboo this kind of task,Because of the possibility of retaliation(xìng)Very big,Not only the goal,More on the employer side。”
“Does the employer want to admit what he did?。”Yu Zhe sneered and basically guessed the answer。
“He chose to hire a killer,I just want to avoid responsibility。”Shi Mu Luo closes the information,Throw it directly into the co-pilot position next to Morin,“In fact, most of the employers want to kill,Goal aspect,In fact, as long as your technique is clean enough,They can’t find a clue,Do you remember that Jiang Liang?Didn’t he perform a similar task and was hunted down by his employer?。”
“I don’t know if he escaped in the end。”Yu Zhe remembered a few months ago,Silently sighed。
“Who knows,Probably killed。”Shi Muluo shrugged,That she doesn’t know what’s going on,“I really want to escape if I get caught(tǐng)hard。”
“You plan to go with me after reading the information?”Yu Zhe smiled and shook his head,“This matter obviously has nothing to do with you,You are not afraid that you will be killed?”
“The thief is on board,It’s too late to go down now~”Shi Mu Luo looks indifferent,Put your hands behind your head,Lying on the backrest,Look at Maureen,One more sentence,“Maureen won’t betray me anyway,You should be careful。”
Yu Zhe just wanted to laugh it off,But suddenly,He seems to have thought of something,
revenge……Chase……Morin……Time twilight……
He was shocked,Just wanted to question,Suddenly’Stop,Shimu opened the car door neatly and went out,Don’t forget to say something before closing,“You go,I’m looking at you five hundred meters away~”
Open the trunk after speaking,Take out the contents,Walk in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the car。
“You don’t have to?!”Seeing Shimuluo go away,Yu Zhe immediately changed to the position of the co-pilot,Throw all the equipment back,Questioning Morin Road。
“What happened to me?”Maureen knows why,Just start the car and continue forward,Shimuluo needs to find a suitable sniper spot,And they need to keep going some distance。
“Don’t play dumb!Don’t you just want Shimu to fall off(shēn)?You don’t need to use this plan。”Yu Zhe’s tone became aggressive(bī)People get up,“You don’t tell me,When you took the task, you didn’t expect what Shi Muluo said just now(qíng)condition。”
“So what?”
“You deliberately let Shi Muluo participate,If the employer is really held accountable,On the grounds of information exposure,Let me and her pretend to escape,When the time comes, the other side will face the employer,You stand up again,In the end it ended up like Lu Ren。”

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