Wang Liu and Jiang Chengyu are also left together。

“Trouble, you followed it.,I still want to eat a meal at noon.,Thank you for you.,But I have to go to the afternoon.,I am afraid that I am too late.,Waiting for the evening,Please ask you again at night.。”
“A little bit,What。”
Jiang Chengyu,Aid:“Thank you,Don’t ask me to eat.,Waiting for the house decoration,I will leave my room for staying.,Be so big,villa、I have lived in the building.,But Wangfu is really,I also let me stay in and feel it.,Look at what to do if you live in Wangfu?。”
“Row,Waiting for the decoration,Leave another,How do you live?。”The king smiled and promised。
Wang traffic holds the documents,Touching the housing management bureau and Huang Yip,First sign the contract first,Then officially completed the transfer registration in the Housing Authority,The king is also about,Pay the room for Huang Yixi once。
Although the real estate license is going to have some days to get the hand,But through the household,The house is already his name.。
I won the luxury home,Rejiever,The king also pondered how to use this house.?
Still as an investment?
Self-occupation,Waiting for the rest of the renovation,The house is generally not bad,that is……It’s a bit too big.。
A five entrance,Coupled with four three entrances,There are seventeen,And he plus eight bodyguards such as Duanqi,A total of nine people,One person lives in a yard.,Space,Think about it is still a bit。
But if it is a investment,This is then throwing such a mansion.,There is also a waste of waste。
How to arrange it in the end??
Wang Zi is thinking,Have an idea,Say,He came to Beijing and also have been half a year.,friend、There are a lot of relationships.,But it is still a bit weak.。
This house is not suitable for himself,Shelving is not cost-effective,That simply uses it,Construction of Siheyuan,Built an ancient garden-style Hongxing Hall Beijing Branch,Take this help him into a group of people,Thoroughly standing in Beijing,It’s not bad.。
NS456chapter Listing hearing
The less wants to be more affected,It’s just that the house is designed according to the residence.,If you want to transform into the hall,I have to do some adjustments.。
But isn’t it big?,Direct shouted He Liang directly,Take him to see the house,Tell him about the idea of establishing a hall,Let him contact the designer to redesign,Then contact the decoration company。
As long as the money is in place,This is not something。
Yawiang,The king is not idle,One way handling company business,On the one hand, go to Tsinghua AcceptMBACourse learning,Learn before the six months,MBAI also started the next stage.,Adjustment is also made in class time,From the original class,It has become a week weekend.。
At the same time, Wang Liu is also paying attention to the listing of Tiansheng.。
The last listing application passed the Securities Regulatory Commission,Li Xiangtao immediately submitted the listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.。
Tiansheng’s strength is in line with Hong Kong stock market,Under the guidance of Hejiayi,Application materials are also ready,The approval area is therefore very smooth,Apply for hand on more than 20 days,There is a message。
Beijing Club。
Li Xiangtao and He Jiayi come to Beijing,And Wang traffic is here,Introduce the approval progression with him。
“Just received the notice in the morning,Tiansheng’s listing application has passed the Temple of Hong Kong Stock Exchange,Officially recommended to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listellation Committee,Open the next step in approval,Hearing。
This time, it is the time to discuss with Wang.,This matter is early,If there is a problem,Early discovery,Can also be remedy early,so,I have a total discussion.,If you have no opinion,Appointment with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange next Tuesday,1moon7Number。”
Li Xiangtao introduced it to the king,Ask。
After the listing application is submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,Three-step review,The first step is to receive the application.,The Hong Kong Stock Exchange will conduct a three-day preliminary auditor。
If you pass through three days,Application will be submitted to the listed section for further review。
If it is passed again,Application will be recommended to the listed committee,Perform final review,That is, listed hearing,Excellent assessment of companies to be listed,See if it meets the listing standard。
Tiansheng’s listing application is to go to the listing hearing on the listing.,Is the last step of the listed audit,If hearing,The listing basically ten is so steady.,Later waiting in line waiting for the listing。
Process is known before the process,It is clear to this,Point:“I have no opinion,Press your discussion,Reserve with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,Do you need me to come up??”
He Jie smiled:“Wang, if you want to,sure,But it doesn’t matter if you don’t come out.,There is a Tiansheng Listellation Committee to diverted with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.。”
“Then let the listing committee come out.。”Wang Flow。

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