All Western medicine is not advisable!

Ancient medicine,Also has its own unique role!
But doctors who advocate western medicine,Is not convinced。
Why is the ancient doctor?
“You talk,What diseases can ancient medicine cure?as far as I know……Many ancient doctors are not good,Not enough to compete with western medicine,Where does it come from??”
It’s Dr. Cai who advocates Western medicine。
Dr. Cai is an expert in western medicine!
But successfully rescued countless patients!
Well-known in the industry……
but,It is also famous for rejecting ancient medicine!
This time Fang Yu ran into Dr. Cai,I’m afraid I can only convince!
As the saying goes,Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers!
This time,Fang Yu kicked the iron plate!
“Like your little problem!”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“I’m sick……You have the disease!I am very well……Could it be that I am sick myself,I don’t know as a doctor!Really a joke!”
Dr. Cai coldly shouted。
The others also shook their heads。
Just leave Fang Yu talking,Personal attack。

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