“Lying,Why is it more than 20,000!”

It’s just hyperglycemia,After Chen Xiu woke up, he added a few pieces of chocolate and he was discharged again without having to drip the salt water.。
Sitting in a taxi,Chen Xiu is a little frustrated,Enter the hospital twice a day,Spend more than 20,000 each time,The special thing is the same inspection。
I really regret not applying to study medicine before,Being a doctor really earns you faster than robbing a bank!
“Mr,This time I don’t need to turn around and go back to the hospital for a theory.。”
Just that coincidence,The taxi driver is the same driver before,Chen Xiubai took a look,I must sigh if there are no other doctors and taxis in Shacheng。
“no need,One partCT500、OneA-C
369 Molantu
Seeing Chen Xiu finally appeared,Gong Daoming also let out a long sigh of relief,Quickly beckon Chen Xiu to come over。
Wang Jingyu saw Chen Xiu and Tang Yuanyuan appear together,Tang Yuanyuan is holding Chen Xiu’s arm like a little woman,jealous、New hatred and old hatred came to my heart together。
“Special,I thought he was a little bodyguard。He’s actually in the same group as Gong Daoming,He also has a share in this auction house!
So I donated 100 million yuan to charity,Scolded all night by the old man。
This time I want to make your auction house unable to open in Shacheng!”
Wang Jingyu even shouted to many reporters:“Friends from the press,Snap that person,He is the owner behind the auction house!give more

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