Despite the next opponent,More and more powerful。

Everything,It is even more difficult to get more。
But even so,Do they now,Don’t you do all all??
In fact, this situation,In itself,What is going on, it’s a very important?。
Everything is now facing now,In fact, in the strict sense,Still very urgent needs to handle,This is the weight of the middle。
The soldiers of other war temples saw this,Like it fully understands。
“If now,Really said something,Then this,I feel that we can try it at any time.。”
“This is nature,if not,Why do you have to consume here??”
“Although it is like this,But think about it carefully,In fact, let’s follow,Still a big difference!”
Along with these people,I watched it in front of her eyes.。
The more like this,In fact, treat them,These Warriors。
They feel,It seems that there is nothing to consume。
Since now,These people have come。
So what is the means?,Still, even if you take it out。
all in all,It is indeed a winning issue now.。
“actually,What you said,I feel good.,So I decided to solve Dengjia in advance.!”
originally,Shen Xuan may not be so anxious to solve this。
But now,That feeling,It has become completely different.。
Shenxuan at this time,The deep depth is a pair.。
Since now,I have already set this idea to do this.,So this kind of thing,Don’t say anything else。
At least here,Look,In itself,It should still be completely this necessary to increase the key。
In front of you,Shenxuan at this time,I don’t care about it.。
“All right,Now,But not to say these。”
“Since this,So next,Still have to make a break!”
When Shen Xuan said,Those people around this time,I have been out of breath.。
originally,In fact, these Warriors,I am very expected,I can’t wait to solve it all.。
But for these,Those people around this time,What’s more, the more you feel?,This kind of angry,Actually, especially。
“What to see,So next,Let’s everyone,Continue from anytime, anywhere。”
“This is nature,if not,Let’s follow,What is it still??”
“Since it has been insisted,Then I think it is,Let’s everyone,It’s better to take this time.,First, I will go out and say it.。”
Before the eyes,These people have not forgotten this to say this.。
For the current,Anguo,It is a little curious.。
“so,In fact, it is nothing.,But those people,What do you plan to do??”
Shen Xuan said all this,Can only temporarily solve the current thing。
But that hidden opponent,In fact, it is still very terrible.,Be sure to pay back。

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