At this time, the other party gave them full face.,Everyone including Crawhed,Nature is also busy。

And let Ou Ge people surprised,The attitude of Alcantus to Night。
“Night,Kroscas(Emperor)One another,I didn’t expect to see you again soon.。”
Arcius, the first rider, the first rider of Fiore,When I saw the night,Actually an older than an old friend,The expression is much more enthusiastic than the face of these presidents.。
“Alcadios,What are you doing here??I didn’t say it??What cherry knight won’t join you?,Don’t stay in the emperor。”
When the night came to this world,Person-know,Not Naz with Ai Lusa,It is the princess of the Kingdom of Fiore·e·Fiore,And in front of Alcadios。
Because of the reasons for bounty hunters,Night,They are all the most difficult,The most abundant compensation。
And this kind of commission,Usually some of the Wang Gong aristocrats。
And in a chance,Night successfully captured a dark public member who made Fira kingdom feel a headache,Therefore, I will meet the princess of the Kingdom of Fiore.。
Careful is this princess,Like night,Have a green hair,So there is“Princess Jade”The name。
Jade princess at this time,Not Naz, they are seal the appearance after several years.,Just a half lotion。
Although the age is still small,But it has already shown excellent governance,So in the emperor,Voice is quite high。
Night 哉 哉(Loli control),We all know,I have been in the emperor.,As soon as I went, I also became friends with this princess.。
Emerald looks in the strength and talent of the night,And the night, I also think that the commissioned resources given by the royal family are the most abundant.,Important is money!
So after the night came to this world,For a long time,It’s all in the emperor.。
But until one day,Girl Jade Princess asked him,Meditation?
The result of the next day,Night packed pockets,Leave Croscas like escape。
Then in order to complete his task,Continue to kill the people of this dark public,Until I encountered Ai Laha。
But now looks,Your own trail has been mastering in this man’s small ghost.。
“Crohid,I think you must be wrong.,Night·I know in Skasa.,As a friend,His character, I am the most understandable。
I am afraid that I am a knight.,I have to admire him is a real knight.,Treat the weak,Treat sin and never pay attention。
You may not know,He still has『Chasing the evil dragon』Do you call?”
It is clear,Alcanti is here,Yes, it’s the power of the night.,But although it is an empire knight.,He also does not have the right to interfere with the ruling of the magic review.。
But this time,He is also ready……
Chapter 542 Jade Knight—Night
Alcarios waved backwards,Signature the knight behind the body to take things up。
And everyone also loses the paper from Alcadios.,The above accident is actually Joseph’s various information and information.。
One of them“With the dark public meeting,Suspected is involved”,and“Used magic for dark magic”Two anomalies。
If the above information is true,,So is them“Magic review”Ignition。
Original regulatory regular guild,Is the responsibility of their magic comment,And if you have the same town of Jose, there is a talent,And they have no discovery,Then it is undoubtedly a major loss.。
It is clear,When Alkius takes out this thing,Crawhed is thinking about other speakers.,Alcarios is ready to be can’t be launched to them.。
“Don’t misunderstand,I took out these things.,Not to be a responsibility。
After all, everyone as a Magic Commentary,So many regular guilds that need regulation,Occasionally, some dark claws are also normal.。”
When Alkius said this sentence,Most of the speakers present are relieved。
It is clear,It is not easy to mix them now this status is not easy.,If this is,They are likely to be dismissal。
after all“Magic review”While there is powerful rights,Of course, you must have some obligations accordingly.。
But now Alcantus takes out this kind of thing,But not intend to investigate their dereliction of delivery,Then there must be some following。
Everyone is old fritters,Alcarios also does not continue to sell,Tangible:“I took out these things.,Just want everyone to know,After Joseph collude with the Diablo,I have been able to treat him as a dark devil.。

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