As a master craftsman,Master Zhiqi is still very measured,Did not shed blood to recognize the Lord,But rubbing this bracelet。

“Soul Defense Artifact?”The owner of Qiqi was a little surprised.,“A soul defense artifact that can withstand the attacks of the Seven Star Darkwalker level souls,Middle Grade Soul Defense Artifact?!。”Soul Defense Artifact,Can be roughly divided into upper, middle and lower grades,The top grade can withstand the palace master-level soul attacks,The low-grade can only resist the soul attack of the six-star level。
“Not bad!”Wright picked up the wine glass and raised it,“Master Zing,I use this treasure as an exchange item,I don’t know if the value of the concealed leaf is enough。”
This bracelet,It is also a by-product of Wright’s research on soul attacks,He specializes in soul,Also realized the method of making soul defense artifacts–Of course this is also related to his powerful soul。After all, the stronger the power of the soul,The power of the soul‘fixed’Come down,It is easier to refine the soul defense artifact。
Master Zhenyu played with this bracelet,But still put down the bracelet,Gritted teeth:“Brother Lieshan,This treasure is indeed very precious,But in exchange for‘Concealed Leaf’Not enough。”
“Oh?”Wright frowned,There is also a trace of coercion in his eyes looking at the owner of Zingjiao。
Master Qiqi and Wright looked at each other,Shook his head and said:“Tell you the truth,This‘Concealed Leaf’I did not refine,It’s not a special treasure created by a master refiner,But a natural wonder。”
“What level of treasure are the wonders of heaven and earth,You two。。。”The owner of the 豸蛌 looked at Wright and the curious eyes of the Golden Winged Darkwalker,“It looks like you two don’t know anymore。。。Jin Wing, you are much smaller than me。Brother Lieshan probably never experienced the beginning of the world,The age when the seven god planes were never born!”
Chapter Eleven The era of the beginning of the world
“Brother 豸蛌!”The Golden Winged Darkwalker is very affectionate and put the arm of the owner of the 蛸蛌:“The beginning of the world,Even the god plane has not yet reached the age of birth?You have even experienced this era!”
And Wright’s eyes are also curious。
to be frank,Panlong universe’s overall world view,As a traverser,Even better than some main gods。
But the world when Panlong Universe World was first opened,He really doesn’t understand—But there are a lot of fan fictions related to that era。
The owner of the 蛌蛌 was a little speechless for a while,He leaked for a while,Really said something inappropriate—It’s not that there are any taboos in this matter。Under normal circumstances,He told others about that early era,Is chargeable。

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