Just at this time,A beast-like growl came from Li Tianchou’s left front,Reverberating in the silent valley,A bit creepy,The roar seems to be full of pain and mania。

What surprised Li Tianchou was,The sound source is coming from the hunter closest to him on the left front,He is a master of throwing knives,In the previous fight,This person’s only shot,Let Li Tianchou be jealous,To force him to use his body to hold the throwing axe,Don’t want to touch this person’s dagger,This is combat experience,It is also a prediction of the dangerous instinct,You have to be clear between the flashes,Otherwise I don’t know how many times I have died。
With this roar like hell,A large group of crows hovering at low altitude flapped their wings and flew high.,Quack tweet,Make the darkness before dawn even more terrifying,And the guy on the right suddenly howled,Very sad,Like a devil from the abyss,The guy who made the throwing axe jumped up suddenly,Li Tianchou was surprised by the image of teeth and claws,Instinctively clenched the pistol,Almost pulled the trigger。
However, this person is not running towards Li Tianchou,It’s a circle of jumping feet,He scratched his chest frantically with both hands,Howling from time to time,The whole person suddenly entered a state of madness。
And the guy on the left is not much better,Also jumped up,Holding an automatic weapon,Facing Li Tianchou’s hiding place is shooting together,No accuracy at all,The last few shots just shot into the sky,This guy threw away the weapon in his hand,Suddenly started scratching his face with both hands crazy,Seems to be itchy,Blood overflowing,Even the eyeballs are going to come out。
Watching such a crazy scene,Li Tianchou was dumbfounded,Can’t imagine what happened,Suddenly be wicked?Or to guide reinforcements in this way?It’s incredible!
He didn’t pull the trigger at the two from beginning to end,Even when the guy shot wildly just now,Because it doesn’t feel dangerous,Just too surprised。
At this moment,Make the throwing axe guy suddenly run,Less than 20 meters behind him is the hard rock extending from the cliff,This guy actually ran into it regardless,Bang,Suddenly broke the blood,Fell to the ground,The struggling one must get up,Ho ho ho ho sound in my throat。
Make the guy with the dagger worse,Ran into a big tree while running around,He got up with perseverance,Hit again,Three or four times in a row,Finally can’t get up。
Listening to the sound of two people ho ho,Li Tianchou’s heart is growing,He has read countless Taoist classics and folklore in Liuyunguan,About Demon Slayer,I’ve seen a lot of anecdotes about ghost hunting and exorcism,But I have never heard of such a terrifying self-harm incident。
Gradually,The voices of the two hunters are getting smaller and smaller,Until the air is like hairspring,The body is still twisting constantly on the ground、Sway,Terrible image,Even people who are used to seeing bloody scenes like Li Tianchou can’t bear to look directly。
Really hell,Fusheng Wuliang Tianzun!Li Tianchou couldn’t help but shivered,Unconsciously verbally declare Sanqing。
Flutter,A crow actually planted in front of Li Tianchou,Struggling hard,Eyes wide open,Seems to be staring at Li Tianchou,The crow’s wings flapped randomly,There is no movement。
flutter~Snapped,Fluttering sounds kept ringing around,Crows planted from the sky,There were as many as ten in an instant!
Looking at the bodies of these crows,Death is terrible,Li Tianchou suddenly realized,Could it be those two,And the crows in front of you are infected with the unknown virus?
When I think of the horror of the virus,Li Tianchou looked solemn,Even if you are as strong as your own body, you can’t hold it,I will not fall into a cliff after being confused,Made this miserable。

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