Master Qin saw the little action of Qin Xue,Laughing directly。

“Hahaha Xiaoxue,You have a small wind to go back.,I will talk to the little wind for a while.。”
“OK,grandfather,Then let’s go first.。”
“Um,Go back,Go back。”
Seeing the amiking look of the old man,Li Hui is hard to imagine that the old man just gave the atmosphere that Lin Zeming’s house owner did not pour.。
With the departure of Qin Xue and Li Hui,Lin Cheng also came to see the gift with Sun Yaru.。
“I wish you grandfather,Shoubi Nanshan,Wanshou has no borders。”
“Um,Not bad,Lincheng,Go back and tell you big brother,Let him go,His heart is still my old man or a heartman.。”
Lin City heard this,Body is not a stiff。
He didn’t think that the father would tell him.,After all, he has always been a iron.,Two fool’s image。
first timing,He thought what the father found.,When you install a look, you don’t understand.。
“Hey-hey,Qin Grande, you can rest assured,I will tell me the big brother.,And I feel that my big brother will definitely not use the dummy to participate in the Qin grandfather.,My big brother is smart than I am.,I do all know that this time is honest.,Unhearten children Qin grandfather must not like。”
“My brother is so smart,He will understand this simple truth.,It must be sold to my ginseng, the man who has cheated me.,Then I didn’t know again.,So I will deceive you。”
Lincheng fat dudwood a pair of iron,People have seen a few happy sensations.。
Master Qin listened to this and laughed.:“exactly,Your child is very right,I think so.,You hurry with your beautiful girlfriend.,Remember that you can make a mess。”
“Hey-hey,Master Qin, I have changed it now.,Will not。”
“Um,It’s good to change it.,Go first.。”
Lin City heard the father’s words,Also squatted with Sun Yaru to find an idle location to sit down。
He didn’t choose to go with his old man.,After all,,He is not convenient to do a lot of things.。
What is the most surprised is that Li Hui lived in a hundred years of wild people who bother my brother.,There is also a disease to Qin Laozi,These things that prolong people。
Everything makes Lin Cheng feel that Li Hui is indeed different.。
It’s just that the secret behind him wants to figure out。
Li Hui Feng although learning is good,But not the presence of the genius,He also didn’t listen to people, saying that Li Hui Feng will have these things.。
“Acheng,what are you thinking about?”
Sun Yaru is very elegant to sit in Lincheng.,From time to time with the slim manual to give the mouth of Lincheng into the fruit,Against guests。
It can be said that Sun Yaru, a golden black evening dress, and Qin Xue’s evening dress is simply a colorful group.。
Qin Xue is the people of Qin Jia,Is the palm of the family,Everyone is still not doingYY,Dare to have any other nonsense。
But Sun Yarru is different.,Sun Yaru Background Simple,And in the eyes of everyone, Lin Fatzi’s play,Although it can control forest fat,That’s because Lin fat is stupid.。
But this is the best,Every man will rise up a feeling that I want to share.。
After all, Sun Yaru is young.,Pretty,Temperament,And a charming gesture that smiles,It’s enough to make most men gain fantasy。
Lin City listened to Sun Yaru’s beautiful sound,Especially Sun Yaru is withdrawn in his ear.,It’s just like a college student.,As if it is a venue,More like the head of the windyman。

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