Influence the mentality of this money is improper money,Chen Linzhi easily convince him to enter the game,Contact loans without banks,But with Morgan Stanley to win 20 million US dollar credit lines,As a mortgage in the assets of Morgan Stanley Headquarters,Added fifteen times leverage to enter the Hong Kong City Futures Trading Market,The share reference option contract to the exchange last year does a multi-angry index。

From the head to the end, a coy is not taken,Borrow money with asset mortgage,This is the true empty gloves white wolf,It has built a position of 300 million US dollars.。
Since he is in Morgan Stanley’s assets,Even no additional guarantees,Pingshine set to 7%,That is, if you lose two thousand milings,This batch of index rights will be held by brokerage。
Changed to the assets of the joint private equity,He never dares so Hu。
This time, Chen Linzhi used his own money.,Thinking, I don’t want to be calm,Instead, continue to Jiao Jing Niki Index。
He called New York,Part of the original order of order,Take money to continue investment,Change a larger lever。
So reminding yourself over and over again,Decision, regardless of the results,As long as the fluctuation exceeds 5%,Inevitable。
Can Chen Linzhi is very clear,I am not so perseigible personality.,Determined what to listen to……
The opportunity is like the spring bamboo shoots,One picks up one。
Chen Linzhi Zeng Tianzhen thought that when the boss was also very tired,Later, I found that the rich earroves more than ordinary people.,Body force earns the most hard work,It’s easy to use money to make money.,I spent two years to accumulate the first 100 million US dollars,1987This is still over half past,The second hundred million dollars must earn back.。
This seems to be,I will understand that he has recently been in recent years.,Why not put the investment in Huaxia in your heart?。
Whether selling clothes or investing in Pengcheng seaside land in advance,The cycle of obtaining the return is compared to the size of the financial market.,Not at an equal order,The mainland market is still not perfect,From a part of labor in the pocket,I can’t do a few money.,Economic foundation has long restricted development prospects。
Now in the Mainland,There are millions of RMBs that have a house price.,The value of hundreds of millions of yuan is simply the existence of legends.,Calculate,But only tens of millions of dollars.。
I used to feel very powerful business,As the price increases in a short time,Suddenly become a small trouble,Chen Linzhi’s eyes slowly,Nature begins to relax。
Investing in the mainland resistance,The best time is far from arrival,Replace it now,Analysis from the angle of return,Investing in Pengcheng Sea,They have become a loss of sale.。
The reason is that if there is no flower rent in that time,But take the investment stock market,The profit is at least 80%,But the land of Pengcheng still does not rise,Even unable to trade。
This dispels the enthusiasm of Chen Linzhi invests in the mainland market.,I want to wait until the ninety angels are not late.。
After building a position, do a multi-angry index,Chen Linzhi in two or three days。
Decide,So with visa and passport,Customs clearance to Pengcheng。
Not anxious to visit the seaside,The garment factory just started to start working for a few months,I really have no good look.,Chen Linzhi first found high enforcement,Two people traveled to his Laozi’s Red Star Shoes Plant。
Mid Juli last year,Chen Linzhi entrusted high enrollment,Lease a warehouse in Red Star Shoes Socks,No other use,Just use only to store Maotai。
Most of them are last year of Maotai,Earlier old wine has。
Gao Bo is specially visited to the national Maotai Winery,Flying Maotai from the Six truck from the warehouse,The average wholesale price is only a bottle of five fur money,There is currently no claims,Planned economy,Whether it is a seventy inventory wine,Still the new wine produced in the early 1980s,Both is a price。
Enter the warehouse,Can smell a wine flavor。
Gao Bo learned from the corner of a box,said laughingly:
“Authentic good thing,1952Black bottle,There are not a few bottles in the winery.,I am so good to say as long as you come to four bottles.,Some winery in the winery warehouse,I am alone in the corner.,Special hire a few old head guards,The key did not dare to give them,Both is known to the founder of the footwear factory retired old employees,One month salary seventy-five dollars,Eight hours of three classes。
Xiao Chen,I can’t figure it now.,How do you buy so many white wine?,Even if you don’t use anyone?,I thought you have to bring it to the United States.,This has passed for half a year.,I am preparing to take the time to ask you how to deal with。”
“No need to deal with,First put it first。”
Chen Linzhi did not explain,Mainly a bad explanation,Just add some1982The year of Lafite is almost,It’s all good to meet his own small.,Have a pass“Unexpected”Addiction。
Can’t tell Gao Bo,Since Moutai stock is not temporarily,So first to buy some wine, etc.,Nothing to steal music,This looks like a lot of。
Wait for someone to buy a bunch of Jiang Xiaobai in the future,Also tell the people will be quite valuable after two or three years.,Easy to be treated as a fool,Sorry does not explain,Just to the family, I used this.,Always meet a wisdom。
This sentence gives high enlightenment,Thought is the elders who died Chen Linzhi,So no more,Anyway, the boss is money,I can’t get a heart,Take the photo。
Look at the bottle of the completion pile,Although not much money,Chen Linzhi is still very satisfied。
Directly move the four bottles1952Old wine。
Leave the warehouse,Waiting for high enforcement,Chen Linzhi told to say:“I still have a large space in the warehouse.,酒,I think about it, I have to pay more.,The sooner the year, the better,Find a place at noon,Open a bottle of old wine with you。I just want to eat some home food today.,Cock、Fried Japanese, etc.,You are more familiar with nearby,Looking for a hotel to give you a view。”
Gao Bo is thinking that there is still something in the afternoon.,But what can be more important than reception bosses?

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