but,The words of them,Probably know what location,Or have a certain message。

But why,To the blue sky,But feel,Like a sudden disappeared for a long time。
so,Two people look at each other,Some helplessness。
Huang Yue looks to Su Yuhong,Sighed:“but,I am not worried about these now.,I am worried.,Lao Blue him betrayed the War God Temple!”
With Huang Yue finished,Su Yuhong is something that I can’t believe。
this matter,Although her heart thought of these,But Su Yuhong did not say it.。
Now,When she looks to Huang Yue in front of him,In fact, she can feel it.,This thing still has certain possibilities。
Just these things,Really become like this?
If this is,Really developed this trend,How do two people do??
Su Yuhong looks back to Huang Yue,Tangible:“if,Lao Lan is really betrayed the Hall of War,You feel,What should we do?”
Insert oneapp: Perfect complex, the old version of the artifact
With Su Yuhong’s words,Huang Yue is silent。
If it is another person,So Huang Yue,He will definitely。
but,When this person turns into blue sky,Huang Yue can’t say this.。
After all, I want to be the original,Everyone performs tasks,Four prototypes together。
So long to come,go through fire and water,Hardship and total。
It can be said,They are not loved ones,But more than relatives。
nowadays,But let them go to the blue sky,at this point,They really can’t do it.。
“First,I still don’t know what is going on.,Listening to the head。”
Su Yuhong put his hand,To the Huang Yue。
Chapter 107 This is nothing,It is mine there.
“Rest for 30 minutes,Won Wang Tinghao。”
Just now,Some strange。
Wang Tinghao Shen Xuan, Of course, I know.,That is a high-end community,And still school district。
The issue is,That community seems to have not opened yet.?
Now,What is these conditions??
Shenxuan’s heart,Suddenly feel,This looks like a good。
Before,Shen Xuan rests so long,The result is a building of Shenxuan.。
And now,Shen Xuan is just a rest for 30 minutes.,The result is a whole community。
This is not based on the improvement of Shen Xuan’s current strength.,Give certain rewards??
But now,Shen Xuan thoughtfully thought about it.,It’s more and more,This possibility,Still very big。
And I am still awkward,not far away,Huang Yue and Su Yuhong have come here。

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