“Big actions,But the little movement is a lot,Since the last launchedqqSpace to now,Less than half a month,qqThe space has updated two times in a row.,Two new features of background music and photo albums have been added。

User satisfaction line improvement,Activity is also improved,How many users have not announced,But see the situation,The number of people should not be less。”
No wonder the user does not rose,Now it seems,The root is here?!
Zhou Hongyi suddenly,qqSpace activity is improved,Directly deepen users andqqBinding,In turn, the user flows to Yahoo!?
I can only explain this.,Can……He really looks at it.?thisqqspace,I really make a achievement.?
Zhou Hong’s heart is slightly frustrated,Then quickly rush up a fight,He is just a moment to see it.,But now I find it is still not late.,He also has the opportunity to remedy。
qqSpace last time he has experienced,It’s not difficult to develop it.,Tiansheng can do,He can also do,Waiting for him to develop a previous,It’s more than。
“Old,You go back to arrange,Let Yahoo! team followqqSpace mode,Give Yahoo! also developed a personal space,Go again andqqcompete。”
“it is good。”
Negative East,Donned and hesitated:“Do you want to report a total of a total report??”
Zhou Hong nodded:“I am talking to him.。”
I took out my mobile phone.,The result is not waiting for him.,Related to far, I will give him a first.。
Zhou Hongyi eyebrows,Connect the channel:“Overall,You find me?”
Gut heavy,road:“Just heard the news,Tiansheng’s full-owned acquisition of Ming Yue Network,Look at the action should be to enter the portal.,Skye scale,Later probability is another strong competitor,You arrange it in advance.,Be prepared。”
Zhou Hongyi instantly heartbeat,Frown:“Is the message accurate??When did this happen?”
“This is this morning,Contract has signed,Don’t doubt this。”
Zhou Hongyi eyebrows,Give much attention, dare to be so affirmed,That’s ten eight or nine is true.,Can……Suddenly acquiring Ming,Enter the portal,What is Tiansheng want to do??
Simple expansion business?
Still take the initiative,Deliberately want to find him trouble?
No matter which one is,Based on the large number of large users,Just enter the portal,It is a pressure to him.,After all, Yahoo’s main business is the portal.。
“I see,I will prepare for it.。”
“Then this is like this,I have no other things.,You will be busy.。”
“and many more,Overall,I still have something to report to you.,These days, Yahoo users are not ideal for users.,I wondered,The reason is that the probability isqqA special shortnationqqspace,Greatly improvedqqUser use viscosity,Avoid external flow of users。
Want to go withqqGrab the market,We best also develop a similar application。”
Turning too far two seconds,road:“Put on it first.,The most important thing is to consolidate good portal market,Respond to the competition of good day,You don’t want to distract。”
Zhou Hongyi:“Cannot put,Longer,Users followqqThe deeper the binding,Go againqqcompete,The greater the difficulty,It must be made as soon as possible。”
Related to far away:“Old week,Don’t forget,Instant messaging is just an attempt,Portal、Search is the core of our company’s business,Lawy, you are clear, you are clear,Don’t go to the end。
The most important task you now is to fully deal with the competition of heaven,Guarding the market,Others don’t want to think more,I still have something,that’s it。”
Zhou Hong, hurriedly shouted,Unfortunately, I have already hanged the phone.,Listening to the busy tone from the phone,Heys with his teeth,I am curse in my heart.。
NS425chapter King Don’t be as simple as things
“Is the relationship did not agree??”Carefully asked。
Zhou Hongyi black face。
When you are in Dongtun, you will be tight.,Not explain:“Why?I just listened to you.,It seems to be other things.?”
“Um,Tiansheng acquired Ming Yue,Next, we must enter the portal market.,Related to far, let us have a good response,Guardian portal market,Other don’t distract。”
Said that it hooked fire,Zhou Hongyi bite his teeth:“It’s so afraid of the fear,Mouse,What is social?That is a huge traffic entrance.。
If you can win this market,Holding such a big traffic,What do you do in the future??

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