But the Square is really a special,So she sent people to the Quanyi,But look like the other party’s attitude towards them is not friendly.。

“hehe”Spring, two sounds。
“I still have something,Don’t want to entangle with you,let me out”
“actually,It’s easy for you want to go out.,Just sign a contract with us,You can”White snake cactus said。
“And you can learn Xianke,Let you have stronger strength”
It seems that Spring is qualified to sign contracts.,Although it doesn’t like this young man。
But this young man is an important person outside.,For some purposes,It still decides to make the contract of the contract。
Springs flashing。
It turned out to be this plan,hehe,You think about it is beautiful.。
Spring is flashing in the eyes。
“Did?,Is this this?”Springs slightly closed eyes。
Spring is shaped to change part of the spiritual fluctuation,This reduces your own spiritual fluctuations,Perceive and mobilize natural energy。
Instant,Blue eye shadow appears in the eyes of the spring,The forehead also has a printed imprint,Just also become blue。
Spring is also slightly amazing,Not just amazed at the rich natural energy that he perceived here.。
It is a change in the imprint of the immortal model.,Blue。
And this mental state, he seems to directly transform natural energy。
Transforming the pure Chakra and this source of previous reincarnation。
That is to say, he just maintains this state.,As long as the natural energy is sufficient,Spring can use the incomplete Chakra。
Just this state,Can absorb natural energy,Related to the concentration of natural energy in the environment。
And only part of the spiritual fluctuation change,This will limit the speed of absorbing natural energy。
The spirit fluctuations are all reduced,Will affect fight。
“Immortal mode!”
White snake cactus and its three hands,They did not expect that Spring has already mastered Xianke。
They can feel the continuous absorption of natural energy,And it seems that the impact on him is not big,Even he can live freely。
“Good natural energy,I don’t know much more than the endurance.”Square surprised。
Only part of the mental force to absorb natural energy is not much affected by Spring。
However, he has not transformed natural energy into a higher purity to revitalize Kra,Just synthesize Xianke Chakra in the body。
This does not help but move in the heart,How to use higher purity to transfusion eye chacla mixed natural energy。
The previous spring can’t do it.,He is just absorbing the Xueli Chakra,Come into the immortal mode。

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