“Comrade Xiao Wang has already arranged,You just go,Where to stop,The popularity of our column will be able to get up!”The boss is a little impatient,But still hug the elbow,Punch with one hand,Signify:

“Miss sauce,To Come!”
Missing sauce received an interview task that suddenly appeared,Can only stand by in the office,The interviewee doesn’t know who it is,I can’t prepare interview content。In boredom2Hours,Finished eating,Until noon,Wang Xiaoguang sent a message。
“Beauties upstairs!Car is in place,Target Integrated E-sports Center!——Love you little light。”
“what,He is disgusting!”Sister Mei smiled and said。
“I heard that there is a game in the E-sports center today,Are we going to interview on the spot??”Taozi surprised。
Taozi is a naive girl,Arrived in the group half a year earlier than Chen Nian,Said to be the cousin of coconut,And coconut is a related household in the group。
“OK!E-sports moment column group assembled and set off,The enemy has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield!”
Three hours later。
“Is going to the e-sports center so blocked??”Chen Nianwen。
“Coming soon,Coming soon!Ladies please sit down,Watch my rocket drift!”Wang Xiaoguang said and stopped to the side of the road。
“See the way,See the way!”
The interview car of the column team happened to be unbiased and hit the rear of the white coupe ahead。
“Wang Xiaoguang,You are dead now!”Sister Mei shouted。
“Is this a luxury car??”Peach asked。
Wang Xiaoguang quickly got out of the car to observe,A Maserati has an extra groove under the rear wing,The worst part is that there are still people in the car。

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