“how?Dare to see us,still is”Lu Haoge wants to say,Not angry。

Lu Haokai,How is Lu Haocheng so quickly know the news?。
Is Yuan Yuan betrayed them?。
His cold eyes,I saw Yuan Yuan.。
Yuan Yuan exposed to Lu Haokai’s gaze,Instant low,Dare to see Lu Haokai。
Lu Haokai saw Yuan Yuan’s look,I understand everything in an instant.。
Sure enough, it is a reliable。
“Hao Jun,Your big flag is coming with people,what is the problem?”Lu Wei is ignored by his son,The bottom is not a taste,Tone also becomes stunned。
Lu Hao’s eyes look at him,The corner of the mouth is outlined out of the bottom radiative,The bottom is cold, but people don’t dare to look directly.。
He is crying, cold, cold, like a cold cone in winter:“Naturally, it is coming。I am waiting for your new product conference,The reporter is outside,Let them come in.!”
“Hao Jun,you”Lu Wei looked at his confident handsome,This Junshan,Very like yours,Hoheng more like him,Have a resort。
“Lu Hao Cheng,What do you want to do??”Qin Ning can’t help but ask。
Lu Hao refers to the design chart on the big screen,Narrow:“Lady,Our company’s design map,Why do you appear in your company?,It is better to shout the reporter.,Let’s talk about it together.。”
NS271chapter:shut up

NS271chapter:shut up
Qin Ningyi,Slim body is gently shaking。
Blue Xin looks to big screen,See your own clothes,Stay on the big screen。
That is a windbreaker,When she is designed,I really like this windbreaker.。
This windbaker,She spent a week of time,Completed。
Seeing your own heart, in other people’s companies,Her eyes are getting colder。
She said faintly:“This dress on the big screen,I started design on October 1.,It is completed by April 5th.,No countless times during the period,Every time you get late at night.,Until my mother knocked on the door,Urind me to sleep。
I will rest,Every piece of clothes inside,They are all designed for me.,But it is easy to get here to hang it.。”
Here,Her gaze,Walking like Xuanzi to Qinning,“Lady,I like a work like this,I am afraid that I am not suitable in your company.?Still more suitable in the Lu Group。”
Blue Xin looks coldly,Mother once told her one sentence,How do someone else to you?,You respond with the same attitude is,Born,Who is not the first time?。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Heart hurts。
Blue live under such conditions,Still very hard,Still don’t give up。
But she listened to her words.,I can’t help but hurt in my heart.,I can’t help but feel strong.!
so,This thing will never make so easy to compromise。
Who moved blue,Just moved his life!
Qin Ning’s heart is panicked,But she does not change color,Looking at her face gloomy,One word a meal:“What evidence you have??This is your designed clothes?Take evidence before speaking,Otherwise I will tell you。”
Blue Xin smile,Tone is not cold:“Do you want evidence??I can give it to you,but,Let all media friends come in first.,Don’t let them wait for a long time.。”She is not the design of this season.,It is also necessary to reveal the woman’s ugly face.。
This hairdresses the labor results of others,Shameful extent,More than the city wall。
“You threaten me?”Qin Ning also keeps her graceful face,Her ugly gloomy face,At this moment, I was completely excited by Blue Xin.。
Blue Xin smile,Gasproof,Clauselessly:“Dare to threaten Lu Lady,You are the lady of Lu Yun Group,but me,But it is the truth.。”
“it is good,very good!You a little designer,Woman who relies on the means of not knowing what is ashamed,I also dare to threaten me Qin Ning”
“Lady,Not a threat,But the fact,You can only cover the sky in the river.,Your identity is really expensive,Have a good reputation in the upper class society,When the lady makes this kind of thing that steals the chicken,Not even more despicable??
Besides,Speak evidence,What is the location I got by melodious means?
Lady,As the saying goes,Make a meal,Can’t talk about,I am going to today.,Can you bully it?。”Blue Xinyu is cold interrupted her words。

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