Just picking the words directly,This is not to reveal her scar,Is the fire on the fire??

Talking that people also realized that the wrong words,Hurry and shrink your neck,Shut up。
I persuade a few words,Wang Fang still does not send,Several people have a bit unreasonable,Be upset,The dormitory is suddenly pushed open.,Liang Hui came in with the king.。
Several people suddenly lit,They have also seen the king,Know that this is Wang Fang her brother,I feel hopeful.,Hurried him to give him a place。
Liang Hui looked at the eyes,Careful reminder:“Xiaofang,Your brother is,You look at it。”
Wang Fang is like he heard,It is still in the old two eyes.。
Wang Li Soa Beid,Take a shot of her shoulder,Some distressed,Know so that:“Xiaofang,what happened?Is there anything to talk to my brother?。”
Hear familiar sound,Wang Fang’s face finally had some gods,Look at the heart of the eye,A few seconds,Then sit on the body,Put into Wang Li,Wow,Cry out。
Wang Yongsong tone,Can cry out,The problem is not big,It’s good to vent it.,Pat in her back,Loudly comfort:“fine、It’s alright,No matter what happened,Have a brother?。”
Don’t say this,It’s more fierce.,It seems that the emotions accumulated one morning,Now all pour,The worse, the more you can’t stop。
Liang Huiyu rushed several roommates made a eye,Several people lead God,All silently,Leave the space to the king and Wang Fang brothers and sisters。
A cry,A comfort,After a long time, the cry is gradually stopped.。
Vent,Wang Fang is so much a lot,Leave Wang Yongli,Low head:“elder brother,I broke up.。”
“Divide,How big is,Find another better in the future。”The king is big, comforted,Also:“Don’t live in schools these days.,Go home with brother for two days,Relax。”
Wang Fang is susceptible:“I have a class in the afternoon.。”
“Please,Be unable to,Are you happy?,Others are not important。”Wang traffic does not fake thinking。
Don’t wait for Wang Fang again,,I can’t help but pull her down my bed.。
arrive home。
Wang Director commanded Liu Yi to help Wang Fang made a meal.,Just now Liang Hui said very well,She hasn’t eaten after lunch.,I haven’t eaten yet.。
Unfortunately, Wang Fang is not a person who can fill a sadness with food.,Crying out, although it is a lot,But still there is no appetite,Just just eat two,When the pad, I went back to the room.。
Zhang Xiaoying is only found opportunities,Ask the king:“Xiaofang, how is this??”
“broke up。”Wang is sighing,I hit the firewood,Then let him take the initiative to break up,Originally, I told her.。
Zhang Xiaoying sympathy:“I am going to guide her.。”
Wang traffic blocks the road:“Need not,I have already opened it.,Let her calm down now.,Some things still have to be able to do it.。”
Zhang Xiaoying nodded,No more。
Wang Fang’s weak personality,Have such a big blow,Wang Liyuan thought it was at least a few days.,She can solve it。
It is a bit unexpected,Wang Fang is strong than he imagined,Waiting for an afternoon in the room,When going out in the evening,Face has recovered,Like it completely,I also took the initiative to help Zhang Xiaoying picked up the child.,There is still a little sad when you can’t see it.。
Wang Flow and Zhang Xiaoying,All face each other。
NS277chapter Uncommon
“Xiaofang,you……never mind?”Zhang Xiaoying’s trial question。
“What is said?,Don’t worry in your heart,If you are angry, he breaks up with you.,Brother helps you pack him,Dare to bully my sister,Laozi smashed his skin。”Wang traffic evil。
Wang Fang hugged the child,I heard the words and looked back to them.,Smile:“no need,elder brother、sister in law,I have already thought about it.,It’s really fine now.。”

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