“rest assured,I have recovered。”William Saint Magic also answered softly。

“In that case,We’ll do it!Let me talk about the plan。I、Goody、Bill goes against Hamlin,Mamba, first shrink and hide on Goody,Wait for an opportunity to attack。Charlie、Luther、William went to deal with the sanctuary black dragon,Using William’s life magic to resist the poison should be able to stop it,Wright and Cecilia deal with the transformation monsters as soon as possible,Help Charlie and the others after solving it。Will you bless us with magic,Don’t interfere in the battle。。”
“If Hamlin and Sanctuary Black Dragon are together,Then Charlie and William will help us,Luther goes to help Wright and Cecilia,As for directly confronting Hamlin,The three of you don’t interfere,After all, your strength gap is too big。”
Everyone nodded,Including three people who were said to be weak,Luther and Cecilia are indeed weak,And Wright is not weaker than Charlie in frontal combat,But after all, only level nine,There are still shortcomings in defense。While Mamba shrinks,Hiding in Goody’s body。
Grey-haired woman Vier chants a spell,Several magic blessings are on everyone,Wright also felt lighter。
“Since everyone knows what to do,Then do it。”Koland ordered。
“boom”The sound of,Everyone uses their own methods,Launched an attack on this originally silent night。
Wright’s feet lightly,Display‘Meteor Step’,Foot on the ground,Flame vindictive bombarded the earth,The force of the counter shock makes Wright advance extremely fast。
Cecilia completely transformed into a dragon blood warrior form,Although I didn’t realize what level,But the body is strong,Speed is close to Wright。
And Luther’s speed is the slowest,Although he is also a sanctuary,But unlike Cecilia, the ultimate warrior with noble blood,Comprehending‘Potential’Before the realm,Human sanctuary warriors are also unable to fly。of course,Cecilia can fly,But rely on blood instinct,The speed is not as good as running。
As for the others,All flying in the air,They all understood‘Potential’Even the true sanctuary of the law exists,Of course faster。
As you get closer to the target,The speed of advance is getting slower and slower,Since Luther couldn’t hide his figure,After having to draw a knife to kill the first transformed monster with scales,Countless modified monsters are like ants,Rushing from the hill。
Wright has sharp eyes,Sweep the spear in hand,Countless gun shadows interlaced,【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】Full burst,Any monster close to Wright will be pierced by a spear and shattered。
Cecilia Two-Handed Scimitar,Especially the scimitar in the right hand is almost an artifact,It seems that two streamers are flipping under the wave,Plus the speed is extremely fast,Kill a monster easily。
up in the air,William closed his eyes,An invisible ripple spreads,Dozens of humanoid monsters fell from the sky to the ground。
“Found Hamlin!The Sanctuary Black Dragon is by Hamlin,Everyone goes according to plan”Koland shouted excitedly,Body turns into a breeze,Pierced the hillside。
It seems that I don’t need to fight the sanctuary black dragon,Luther behind Wright seemed relieved,But this is the distraction,Like a little giant,Three meters high,The monster with thick hair and huge claws hugged Luther suddenly。With the power of Luther’s sanctuary level,Can’t break free for a while,The bones of the body faintly make an overwhelmed sound。

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