Before gaining a foothold in this world,Wang Hong doesn’t want to do things completely。

As long as the situation is a little more stable,Backed by the first industrial power on Earth,It’s not easy for him to make money。
As for the weapons in the treasurer’s collection,Wang Hong really looks down on。
The weapons of this world are divided into ordinary soldiers、Sharp weapon,And a magic weapon that can be counted by one hand。
Not to mention the spirit weapon,The weapons are also in the hands of the strong innate,Very few acquired martial artists can get a handful,All as heirlooms。
These weapons in the secret room,Naturally can’t be a weapon。
The characteristic of the sharp weapon is that it can cut out the true energy without loss,But the soldiers can’t do it。
Their true air conductivity is no different from ordinary steel,You can only work on sharpness and hardness。
In this situation,Earthstar’s top alloy tools,Definitely blast the soldiers of this world。
So those swords in the secret room,It doesn’t make any sense to Wang Hong。
The shopkeeper felt a pain on his face,Hesitated and said:“Ok,Just do as you said。”
Wang Hong nodded,Take out a slap-sized medicine bottle from the backpack,There are hundreds of white pills inside,It is the common sleeping pill of Earth Star。
He first poured out five sleeping pills,I can think of the opponent as a warrior who has completed the forging,Although there is no internal resistance to drugs,But it’s far from comparable to ordinary people。
Shook the medicine bottle,Wang Hong poured out more than ten more,Take out a bottle of mineral water,Struggling desperately regardless of the shopkeeper,Forcibly put more than 20 sleeping pills,Give him all。
“Do not worry,These pills just make you sleep peacefully,Lest it trouble me!”
It’s not that Wang Hong has never been murderous,But the price of breaking the oath is too great,He will never be content to stop at the day after tomorrow,Under weighing the pros and cons,Wang Hong still suppressed the idea of killing。
A moment later,Put away the shopkeeper who has fallen asleep,And he walked back and forth in the warehouse and private vault,Pick out what you want。

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