The headlights on the top of the warehouse are all on,Chen Xiu stood up on a hill with piled sacks。
“keep the change,I am here!”
All 16 guns are facing Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu is not afraid,Said with a smile:“I am standing here by myself,You are still worried that I can fly or not!”
Yue Wu aimed at Chen Xiu’s head with a submachine gun,Shouted sharply:“Chen Xiu,I give you one last chance,Seal one’s true anger,Obediently come back with me to see the ancestor Baihu;Or I will beat you into a hornet’s nest,Revenge for my brothers!”
“Defeated,What right do you have to yell in front of me!”
Yue Wuwei’s Qi Knot,A face flushed red,The little brother on the side said:“Takeshi,Don’t talk nonsense with him,Kill him!”
Yue Wu gritted his teeth,Ordered to shout:“shot!”
pistol、Submachine gun with protruding tongue,Bullet flying,Chen Xiu jumped back,Hiding behind a sack bag,Everyone beat the sacks to pulp。
The rice in the sacks rushed to the hill to stay,A fifth-generation zombie near the hill was directly splashed by splashing rice,It’s like being ironed by a soldering iron,I took off my clothes and saw that the flesh on my body was rotting in pieces。
“Black glutinous rice!”
Yue Wu came in and took a look,Looking around, there are all generations of sacks,This is obviously a Miku,Hurriedly shouted:“Everyone,leave here!”
Chen Xiu frantically threw more than ten bags of black glutinous rice at everyone,I waved the knife and cut the sacks,Black glutinous rice fell from the air like raindrops。

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