I heard such a straightforward,Han Shanshan is also a red face。

“how is this possible?Besides, let him live, it is all fake.,We said in advance。”
The more he says that Han Shanshan has no bottom。
“After that, how to explain Chen Beibei?”
Han stared reasonable watching some angry Han Shanshan。
He suddenly felt this baby girl is lying to him together with the wind Lee,But also lied to a lot of things。
“That is that he is helping.!”
|“I know he shot to help,I mean, he did a little affection for you?”
“There is,But I refused。”
Han is thoroughly understood。
“alright,I always thought you were the guy to bully,Now I understand that you have smashed the kid.。”
Finish,South Korea is directly to Li Hui with the wind.。
And Li Hui Feng has just finished the phone with Jin Mingwu.。
All documents have been processed,Time for a month。
Especially the issue of pharmaceutical companies,Jin Mingwu is directly acquired a family.。
Seeing the phone that Han is hitting,Li Hui is also stunned.。
“Han Shu,Hello!”
Lee had wanted to say thanks to a wind old age,I thought the first month all over,That again, these typical somewhat doesn’t look wrong.。
“Xiao Li,Shanshan you with what I already know。”
“what?Han Shu,You don’t misunderstand,I have nothing to do with the big squad leader.。”
Hearing the word reasonable Korea,The brow is not frightened。
“how?You don’t like Shanshan?”
“what?Like it,How can I like it?,I am afraid that you misunderstand our two.。”
Han Shanshan heard Li Hui Feng in the side even,The corner of the mouth does not help but smile。
But thinking about Li Rongfeng,Her smile is also turning an eye。
The first thousand five hundred eighty-six chapters open one
“Hahaha……I thought you had a lot of confidentiality.,Then when did you come to the devil??By the way, discuss the matter of the medicine。”
“Forehead,Han Shu,I just want to discuss with you.,I went to the devil in a few days.。”
I heard Li Hui’s sohere.,Han is also very satisfied。
“Row,Let’s be so fixed.,Call me at the time,I will pick you up。”
“Need not,Need not,Let Han Shu pick me up,Isn’t it a discount??But let the big squad leader pick me up.,In one way。”
When I said this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
Han Shanshan listened to it.,Directly:“In your dreams,When you come to you yourself!Don’t come, I don’t pick you up.。”
Hear Han Shanshan this,Li Hui is also laughing.。

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