After passing through the short contact with Zhang Shao,She found that she had a lot of merits.。

She also told Zhang Shaobai in her origin.。
It turns out that she is a person.,Just cultivate meriting,Can appear in the form of the dragon。
And her master is the local water。
Be affected by the people,Never lack,It is a hundred meters giant dragon。
Fume,It is a turn to the river to go to the sea.。
And she is often lazy,Don’t know how to operate;For example, deliberately let the fishermen drow up,The nearby people will offer,This will get merits。
She doesn’t do this,So what she is responsible for the river believes in people,Now it is only a fifteen meters long.。
Zhang Shaobai was shocked after hearing。
I learned that he has big merits from the women’s mouth.,After practicing metrics,Where can he disagree??
The woman passed the merits to Zhang Shaobai.。
Because Zhang Shaohuo has a lot of merits,On only one year, he became a 20-meter-long Qinglong.。
Women see him has completed the mastery of meriting,I also left again.。
Zhang Shaolai is very different from the previous strength than before,The more business is, the greater。
Again,He still still does a good thing to help the dangerous difficulties in Yunzhou.。
But this time he is not a good thing to return.,But for merit。
Wink in the past ten years,Zhang Shaobai can be chemical as a fifty meter of Qinglong。
He is not as small as the strength,Each power with Yunzhou has a communication。
City,Gust,land,Mountain god,Always come to his family。
A certain night,Thunder and lightning,The whole Yunzhou is murderous。
Zhang Shaohao is observed that someone is fighting,However, because he is in the weak period,Strength ten does not store one,So don’t want to get your way。
Second half,He heard that there was a movement in the yard.,I saw the woman in ten years ago.。
“How,what happened?Who will hurt you?”
It turned out because of the merits of Yunzhou,Chenghuang and Shujun played。
Originally, the city is not as good as the water。
And the city does not know how to know the people who menstrued,June is a weak period,Take this time,Kill the water,Remastered。
Zhang Shaoho’s face,Because the weakness of the merits of Dragon is that he is exposed to the city。
He hugged a woman into the room,Treatment of all kinds of medicines found by Yunzhou,But not help。
Anti-three days,Women’s life。
Zhang Shaobai buried the woman behind her yard.,I want to revenge after spending the weak period.。
I didn’t expect the city to come to the door in advance.,I can’t play Zhang Shaobai.。
Zhang Shaobai’s anger question:
“I am a good brother.,Why do you want to?”
“Brothers?In front of merit,No good brother。”
The whole Yunzhou merit is limited,A person,Shando,Natural water is not compatible。

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