The woman smiled and said:“Age like you,Just strong,When energetic,Of course use something to help,Will be more sexually happy”

Wang Youcai didn’t expect,Sell one*’S women can say the same。He nodded and said:“Then give me some delay!”
“Topical or oral”The woman asked with a smile。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,There is so much attention to this thing。If it’s for external use, isn’t it called Ma Hongfang?*People know,This will leave a joke,Let’s take some internal medicine!
“Oral,Take the best”Wang Youcai said。
Woman rummaging,Take out a paper box full of English and say:“This is imported from the United States,One hundred yuan,Very powerful,Take it half an hour beforehand,There is no one or two hours to finish”
“So expensive?Doesn’t work,If it doesn’t work,I will trouble you”When Wang Youcai said this,,Suppress the sound very low。Looks a little scary。
The woman glanced at Wang Youcai and smiled:“We have used this thing ourselves,Really awesome,If the price is not too high,We keep it for ourselves”promoted products,Can speak for this purpose,Wang Youcai is also served。He took out one by himself,Threw it into your mouth。
The woman poured him a glass of water,Wang Youcai took it down,Then he took out a hundred yuan and put it on the counter。Woman take a look,Whispered reminder:“Why are you taking it here!What can I do if it works for a while?”
“Isn’t you here??”Wang Youcai said,Ben haha laughed and walked out。He stood on the edge of the street and smoked another cigarette,He is waiting for the power of this medicine,If it really doesn’t work,He has to trouble the female boss。
Few pedestrians on the street,First it’s winter,Why it’s too cold outside,It’s too early,It’s almost twelve o’clock。No way,Have to go back,It’s too cold to hold up。
Back to the hotel,Wang Youcai gently locked the door,He took off his clothes and sat on the sofa,It’s been more than half an hour,Why there is no reaction at all,This stinky lady lied to him。
Just when Wang Youcai was upset,Ma Hongfang on the bed suddenly rolled over,The quilt slipped off her white skin。The spirit in Wang Youcai’s heart was touched,He suddenly felt hot all over,Also accompanied by a slight headache。Especially below,He can’t stand it anymore。
Wang Youcai kicked off his shoes,Downhill Tiger,I jumped onto the bed with a vertical leap。Simmons shakes violently,Wake up Ma Hongfang,She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Go aside,Don’t disturb me sleep”
“I told you to sleep”Wang Youcai tore off the quilt from Ma Hongfang,Pressed on Ma Hongfang’s white body。The woman suddenly screamed,My eyes widened in surprise,Slowly she made an alluring*sound。
With a sense of conquest, Wang Youcai is exercising vigorously,He was scolding secretly,What’s wrong with the women in the city?,Isn’t it that I am a hillbilly crushed under me。
Woman’s*sound,Like a tactful song,Sometimes high,Sometimes low。Let this night be filled with endless fantasy。Wang Youcai sweats profusely,He couldn’t help but scolded the American guy ,You said to produce a medicine,Why is it so powerful。
Ma Hongfang is finally honest,She repeatedly told Rao,But Wang Youcai would only give up。Until about three o’clock in the middle of the night,Calm in this room。

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