Tomorrow’s private room,Payne is here,Spring,Long gate,Small south。

“Long gate,In the final stage”Xiaonan looked at the long door worried。
“do not worry,I am very good now.”The door smiled and said。
Now he is no longer dry and thin.,The body has become abundant,The face has not been pale。
A pair of rounds are also awkward。
“It’s hard to work.,This pressure is relatively large,Spring, you have no problem.”The long door looked at the spring。
“no problem,I can stick to it.”Spring said seriously。
With the continuous increase in the source injection of the revoked eyes,The body of the door is very fast。
Now only the black iron rod that is inserted behind him.,Such a long door can be freely actions.。
But these things have been staying in the body for a long time.,Tone each other,So you must take it one time。
This requires a lot of this source.,Plus the coordination of the long door to complete。
So Xiaoshan will worry,This has exceeded the limits of the spring.,And it is also very dangerous to the long gate.。
“let’s start,I have been enough in such a day.”The rest of the door is only firm。
He doesn’t want to stay here for a wasteman.,The long door has been extended by the spring.。
Springs take out short sticks,Then I came to the long gate.,Just holding the hand of the long door。
The hand of the long door is very powerful.,The skin is also tightened.,No longer repeated state。
Blue Chakra flashing in two hands holding together,Spring puts the transformation of Chakra and this source quickly into the body。
The long door is angry.,His body is a jitter,Along with a boring,His body rang a sound of metal breaks。
The black rod behind him is not iron rod,It is a yin-yang product made by the round.。
Insert these black bars in the long body body,Some branches in his body。
They are inserted into the facies,Fully restrictions on his physical activity。
Now the long door breaks these branches in the power of the round.,Removed。
You can see the iron bars behind him in a little backward move.。
If you can see the back of the long door,You can see that the iron rod and skin have flowed out of blood.。
And with iron bars,It can be seen that the skin of the long door has been supported.,Iron bars are not completely smooth,Those branch breaks,Body that keeps tearing the long door。
“Long gate!”Xiao Nan exclaimed。
She saw the skin of the back of the long door has been crackled.,The iron rod with the mouth appeared in front of her with the dripping blood。
“I am fine.,Can Spring persist?”Long-term。
“Can,Long door, you don’t want to distract”Shuqian said。
In fact, these Chakra and this source have no stress to him.。
Nodding in the long gate,Black stick continues to extend。
Dramatic pain makes the long face pale,A lot of sweat is not stopped。
The muscles on his back are completely torn.,I would like to know how much pain he has suffered.。

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