Inside the nine days hotel in Pingdu,Qin Shuifeng lay languidly on the bed in a pajamas。Wang Youfa sat in a chair on the ground,Neither of them spoke,The room is extremely quiet。

After a while,Just listen to what Qin Shuifeng said:“You go back quickly!Don’t sit here foolishly,I said it before,Should our business be over,You have to give me a result if you think it over!“
“What result do you want,Don’t you just hate our old Wang’s being poor??But you were wrong。Our old Wang family is not poor,Except that my Wangyou sent it to your family to work,My second brother is the mayor of Pingdu,The third brother is the second boss of Xishan Mining,Even my parents,They don’t use money,And use this“Wang Youfa said,Which six silver dollars were taken out of the pocket and thrown in the air。
Qin Shuifeng couldn’t help but sit up real,Although he is a wealthy man,Should be knowledgeable,But she just watched the thing Wang Youfa was holding on TV。
“bring here,Let me see,What is this?“Qin Shuifeng sat up straight,Chao Wang Youfa stretched out his hand。
Wang Youfa smiled and said:”This is a good thing,It’s not much seen in the market outside“Wang Youfa said,Stood up,Deliberately walked over slowly,Put the silver dollar in his hand on the bed。
Qin Shuifeng picked up one and looked at it:”Isn’t it just a silver dollar??What’s all the fuss about,All silver is not worth much,Stop yelling here“
”Don’t understand!This is a silver dollar made during the Qianlong period,Put aside silver,Collecting this piece is very valuable“Wang Youcai said,Hastily collected all the silver dollars on the bed,As if afraid that Qin Shuifeng would snatch it away。
Qin Shuifeng smiled and said:”Your royal family’s wealth will not be these six silver dollars!“
”Humph!Can i tell you this?“Wang Youcai shook his head mysteriously。He still knows the woman Qin Shuifeng very well。Don’t look at his father with so much money,But her need for money seems to never be satisfied。
as expected,Qin Shuifeng asked with bright eyes:”How many things do you have in your house?Reveal a little!“Qin Shuifeng’s tone suddenly became gentle。
Wang Youfa was taken aback,Hurriedly reached out。Qin Shuifeng took a look,Asked quietly:”Is it fifty??“Wang Youfa did not say anything,But shook his head。
”Five hundred?“Qin Shuifeng asked in surprise。Wang Youfa still shook his head。
Qin Shuifeng stared and said:”You brag!I won’t say that your family has five thousand silver dollars,And it’s all Qianlong’s,Why are you old Wang’s really rich。
Wang Youdao is afraid of breaking the cowhide,He was busy laughing:“You guessed the same,Just the wrong unit。Not how many,But how many boxes”
“what!It’s a box!This is amazing,How many boxes is it,How much can each box hold”This person who loves money,When I talk about money, my eyes light up,This Qin Shuifeng is really like this。
Wang Youdao saw Qin Shuifeng on the road,He twisted his ass and smiled:“There are five big boxes,As for how much in a box,We really haven’t counted。You can’t let outsiders know about this,So it has been buried underground”
“Hey!I really underestimated your home,Words like this,Can also divide you,Didn’t you become a rich man overnight??”Qin Shuifeng said,Take a look at Wang Youfa。

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