Give you something interesting,Just when you let me go to the higher of life evolution.。”

Blue dye reveals the left shoulders of the curse of the village,Black spell above,Actually diluted with the speed visible to the naked eye,Until complete disappearance。
“This is the power of collapse,It judges that perfect life is impossible to be subject to low-time pyroidism,So it makes me again evolve again.。
So smnement so great,Pudao helps the idiot actually plan to seal it。”
Chapter 586 Suddenly retreat
Blue dyeing expressions to show their current ability to the night,At this moment, he thinks he has been more close.。
Previous night, seemingly powerful,It looks now,It seems like that。
Night looked at the black spell of blue dye left shoulders disappeared,Face is also more agglomerated,Give a blue dyed knife again,But the latter is like the ink is generally spread.。
“this is『Mirror flower』Ability……”
Night cutting blade scores illusory blue dyes,The back is suddenly hit,Although I am helping to see,Night has turned around to defense in time,But the speed is still not blue,Being a knife!
“Be right,『Mirror flower』Ability just can’t take effect,On the one hand, you have a five sense of your own,On the one hand, it is impossible to affect you.。
But now the situation is different.,With the help of the collapse,I am already a higher level of life.,so『Mirror flower』The ability is naturally effective again.。”
As if you are satisfied with your own strength,I seem to feel,Just always pressed his night,I am actually so like this.,It’s so easy to press him.,So how do he evolve again?。
At the same time, the blue dyeing is not to kill the night.,Now I have a lot of hesitation now.。
As an accelerator that has a higher hierarchy,This role should have been taken by Kurosaki.。
Because in blue dressing,The existence of Kurosaki,That’s this world,In addition to our most perfect life。
Yourself“Collapse”In order to integrate the power of death,By this to break the boundaries of the two。
However, the Kurosaki has this quality from the beginning.,Playing,This goods are gathered、Virtual、The three kinds of strength of the division,Will n’t be so born with a golden key?。
Blue dye has always thought,If someone is really accessible to ownership“Collapse”Yourself,So the official Takasaki is a protective。
But now this is the flower of the night.,It is also an expectation that it is unexpected.。
For the origin of the night,Blue dye is investigated,Slim street originated,Parents are only ordinary souls.,By the world, it is flat。
But this existence,But the promotion of the promotion of the promoter,Earlier, let yourself evolve。
So this makes the blue dyed hesitate,Maybe you will live,It is faster to go to a higher life evolution.?
On the other side, the ruins of the squatting,It’s better to stand up again.。
Looking at the distance is in a daze,There is no blue dye to yourself,Night spit a bloody,Expression is unhappy。
“Then the damn collapse is simply abug,It is also said that it is a patch to high-level life.,What is the right thing is itself?bug。
I don’t know if I will get rid of blue dyeing.,This is not allowed to take away?”
Night is considered,The collapse of the jade is first class of anti-heaven artifact.,Completely“Four soul jade”Some。
How long does he fight with blue??At first or he pressed blue to fight,How long does this?,Now blue dyeing is speed or strength,It’s far more than him.。

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