“Ta ta ta ta~~~~~~~~~~”

A group of grouper fish monsters quickly swing their tails,There was a splash next to the little crocodile dragon,With full sarcasm。
This damn group of spotted blue fish monsters……
They are very fast,Far more flexible than those wild groupers near rivers and lakes,There are obviously a lot,And close at hand,I don’t know why every time the crocodile dragon pounces on,They escape in a coordinated manner,The little crocodile dragon hits the air all the way。
One afternoon,Torrent,A spotted blue fish monster was not caught,No wonder no one took this appointment,The difficulty is much higher than it looks!
“Don’t get discouraged,Don’t get discouraged,It’s just that our method is not right,I look back on these spotted blue fish monsters,We will fight again tomorrow!”Zhu Minglang comforts the little crocodile dragon。
Crocodile dragon head down,Probably it didn’t think it would be so useless,Even these spotted blue fish monsters can mock themselves。
In this case,When will I be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the waterfall dragon?
At night,I wish Minglang still lock the door,Go to Chulong Temple。
The little creatures in Chulong Hall actually have extraordinary attributes that are slightly different from those of wild beasts.,Plus most of them have just hatched,Or still in its infancy,Can be well domesticated and nurtured,It is the best choice for most people who want to become a dragon herder。
But even after some artificial screening, the chance of them becoming dragons is very small.。
With the gradual growth of some little creatures in Chulongdian, no one wants to take them away,Most of them will be released。
Tonight, I wish Minglang to help Mr. He get some oversized physique,Let go of destructive and aggressive little creatures。I can’t let them live here for nothing?
Busy all night,Zhu Minglang finds that releasing life is not an easy job,After all, most of the people who will be released are still aggressive,They hurt and killed other little creatures in Chulongdian……
“You can go back until dawn,There is a resonating bell over there,If it wasn’t for the outbreak of the young spirit group escape,Just don’t sound it,Sleep is important for the elderly,Be disturbed once,Maybe you don’t want to sleep well for a month。The silkworm you want is at the back of the temple,Take as much as you send,There is nothing to eat with this thing,I don’t know who brought these inferior bugs to collect food。”Mr. He asked Minglangdao。
“Ok,Old man, go back and rest。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
“How many when i am leaving,How many of them will come back,No one can be less。”Mr. He said。

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