“Good good,Sister Na,Do not be angry,I go,Can i go?”Wang San can’t help it,I had to bite the bullet and take this job。

I also feel that Fang Na is too vicious,Qi Muyun just left,She wants to threaten Zhu Yi,It’s too much,Why can’t you wait。
Complaining in my heart,Wang San can only do it,He chose to go at two or three in the middle of the night,There were few people in the mourning hall at that time,Easy to talk。
really,When going,Someone outside the mourning hall is playing mahjong,But there was only Zhu Yi sitting there alone。
Wang San approached Zhu Yi,Zhu Yi, who had barely closed his eyes for a few days, felt someone coming in,He raised his head groggyly to say hello,Found out that it’s king three,Didn’t even think about it,A direct shot is a punch,Hit his face。
Wang San knows that Zhu Yi hates her,Stepped away prepared,He grabbed Zhu Yi’s arm,“Don’t get excited,Boss Zhu,Listen to me, OK?,I have something to say。”
Zhu Yi has never rested for a few days,Just occasionally no one takes a nap,Naturally, I didn’t have the strength to fight Wang San,Just sit softly,“Speak,what’s up,Hurry up。”
“You are sorry,I didn’t expect it to be like this。”Wang San talked and took out a white bag(custom,Happy event with red envelope,White bag for funeral)Put it in Zhu Yi’s hands,He pretended two hundred yuan in it。
“Don’t talk nonsense,Say the point,I have no grievances with you,Why are you hurting me?”Of course Zhu Yi now knows that Wang San is an accomplice,Someone wants to set off,Put his family to death。
“She said,Want to meet you and chat,You understand?”Wang San also feels unwilling to say it,Still have to say。
“Hurrah,of course can,You let her set the time,I also can。”Zhu Yi wanted to find someone to take revenge,Zhengchou doesn’t know who the other party is。
Mr. Zhu hasn’t spoken for more than a month,It was better before,But seeing his wife’s condition is serious,He blames himself to despair,Last onset。
Fortunately, I was in the hospital,Rescue in time,Life is saved,But has been in a coma。
Wang San dare not stay longer,Left after speaking,Leave Zhu Yi there, gritted his teeth。
It just broke,Zhang Siwei and Zhao Gang are here in dark suits。
“Don’t be too sad,Auntie in the sky also hopes you and Uncle Zhu have a good time。”Zhao Gang sees Zhu Yi’s mood is wrong,comfort him。
“Don’t you know,Too irritating,They actually came to the door,Home at this time,Don’t you want to die?,Then I must cooperate,Just let them die quickly。”Murder in Zhu Yi’s eyes。
“what happened?”Zhao Gang’s face changed,Glanced behind,Asked in a low voice。
“They were here last night,Said you want to talk to me,Time has been arranged。”Zhu Yi said coldly。
“Do they want to blackmail you?”Zhang Siwei motioned everyone to walk to the corner of no one,ask。

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