“Everyone!”The voice of the founder of the giant axe is low but with joy。“I will announce two things first。”

“First thing!”The founder of Giant Axe looks at Luo Feng,Speak softly:“prior to,The galaxy lord of my human race fights against several universe lords of the god eye race,Eventually fall into the stream of extinguishing gods。after that,I joined forces with the Lord of Infinity and counted in Desperate Stream,In the Ninth Abyss and the Third Allah of the God Eye Race、Sixth Allah Fight。”
Speaking of which,The great axe paused,A rare sale close。
Hear the third of God Eyes、Sixth Allah,The masters of the universe who don’t know the situation show solemn expressions。
These two join hands,It is entirely possible to suppress the weakest in the universe,Is the giant axe suppressed??
But look at the atmosphere,Not very similar。
Few who already know the situation,The masters of the universe like the virtual company have mysterious smiles。
And the brain is turning faster,Seeing the Lord of Infinity and the Great Axe sitting almost side by side,Already guessed something inside。
“I join forces with the Lord of Infinity,Suppressed the two Allahs of the God Eye Race。”
An understatement,But surprised the masters of the universe below。
“Great Axe,You didn’t lie to us!”The very old and low-key Master of Desolation even asked。
“The three supreme treasures of the two gods,I have sent it back to the original universe through the microcosm,Is now in the original universe!”
As for the two Allahs themselves,Naturally sealed in the peak treasure,Suppressed by the giant axe himself,Still in the universe。
They all exist in the first reincarnation era,If brought into the primitive universe,The will of the primitive universe will directly kill these two strongest men。

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