“Where do you live??”

“Live in Jialing Hotel,Do you want you to live?,I will help you open a room.。”
“Then do you send me in the morning??”
“no problem,Looking back, I ask the six brothers who want a car.。”
“That feeling!”The dormitory of the Ouyang Dhame will definitely not receive a foreign guest.,And she has been,The scenery of this hotel is good.。
Two people are very intimate here. I am very close.,Because of the rude wear is the middle school military uniform,There are several officers who envy and hate and they don’t dare.,Yu Xiaowei is also very interested in this officer,She really wants to know why it is often cold if there is a little image in front of this man.。
“Ouyang sister,who is this?”Yu Xiaoshi sitting next to Ouyang Dush,
“He is an old friend。Call Fangrui。”Ouyang To introduction,
“Fangrui,Just come to Chongqing?”
“Yes,Just arrived today。”Huitui smile nodded,
Ouyang Dush:“Fangrui,This is a small late lady.,It is a great military doctor。”
“Military doctor!Save the wound,White angel。”
“I see your dance is very good.,Can you jump with me??”After Yu Xiaowei, he said to Ou Yangtue.:“Ouyang sister does not mind!”
“do not mind!Don’t mind at all!Fangrui,Miss Yu is the first time.,Still don’t hurry!”Ouyang Du said,
“My pleasure!”
Qi Rui and the small night enter the dance pool,There are a few people to see Ouyang Mou, I am very happy today, I want to make it up.,Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan is sitting next to Ouyang Duo,Looking at these officers in a murderous。
At first glance is two middle school officers,Several people are all very knowledgeable。
“Four brothers,Six brother,Hey, you scare them.!”Ouyang Du once again laughed again,
“Dare to make our minds of Ouyang Miss, they also match!”Xu Baichuan said that it is very familiar with Ou Heaven.,
See him Tan Lin standing on the side,Zheng Yao said first:“Old Tan,You also sit down,Why are you so restrained?,Today, you will get a lot of bonuses today.,What do you want to eat?,He pays。”
Tan Lin sits there very much,He doesn’t seem to like this.。
In the dance floor,Yu Xiaowei:“Fangrui,Is this your true name??”
“Yu Miss,I am a person in the investigation,Do you still ask my real name??”
“What is the cause of the investigation,I am also dry.。”
“And your dry is a certain very powerful,Is it right?”
“Do you know??”
“I don’t know who you are.。”
“His called Fei Zhengpeng,do you know it?”
“Unfortunately,do not know!Miss Yu dance is very good.。”
“That is!I am a dancing queen in Chongqing.。”
“Oh!Who is the emperor of the dancing??”
“Ha ha,Also dance the emperor?,I didn’t see it anyway.!”
“Do you want me to fight??”
“You seem to be a cheap I am.!”
Heli and Yu Xiaowei is happy,Just see a face of a grientefish.:“Little night,Why don’t you call me?!”
Rui Rui seeing this face, I want to give a big ear scale.:Zhou Haibang!This grandson!I have an idea for the short night.。
“Who is this??Why is this hate?!”Qi Rui people。
“He is also the investigation,Zhouhai tide,Indeed, some hate。”The little night’s face is disappointing,
Zhou Haichao pretended to hear it:“Little night,Don’t dance with strangers,Do you know who is a good person who is a bad person?!”

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