“Be sure to buy the devil knife,I will use this handle of the magic karm to exchange this eight wreath.!”
“I want to re-practice!”
“I have to reshape the gold body.!”
Many people in each face have a fanatic color,Lin Feng looked at the picture.,Is this the true eight waste??It’s too big.,However, the other six-step practices are like the sky.。
“I must make this gods。”Lin Feng looked at the corner of the pain of the pain, showing a smile.。
But who knows that it is not necessary to open the treasure of the emperor, you can get this god.?
Of course, Lin Feng is still interested in the treasure of the Emperor Emperor.。
Whether it is that49Piece,Still other gods,Still those who are odd,Lin Feng is,If you can get a treasure,The forces of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will expand to an unimaginable point,In the future, the world is not necessarily possible.。
“it is good,You have already read the introduction of this soldier.,I will not repeat the rest.,Start auction now10000Kingshi,Each price increase is not less than100Kingshi。”Zhang Shaozong。
“I rubbed,It’s too high.。”
“My day,Too horrible.。”
“I rubbed,This home is now on the price of a goddess.。”
“day,This is the rhythm of going against the sky!”
“is not it,Beginning!”
“10000Kingshi,What concept,Equivalent to an Apple’s market value。”
“Hey-hey,A secular company,Both can’t be compared,In normal case, the god soldier has this price.,But this auction does not know that it is hair.,First lightning knife,Next, it is a magical knife,Then killing swords。”
“If it is the soldier of the world to sell,That is not worth money.。”
“certainly,Not allow1000Gold Secretary is not worth,But this might??”
“Only the special case like the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce will take the soldiers.,There is also this hell 80% of the agent,The flashing knife rumored is a stick,Signing an agreement between a stick and flying fairy,Give Flying Square,Similarly they investigate one thing。”
“My day,It turned out to be like this,insidious!”
Everyone is talking about。
“30000Kingshi!”at this time72Lin Feng’s voice sounded in the box。
Lin Feng’s voice is like a thunder.,Many people in the earth are stunned,His faces,my mother,This is too horrible.。
Jinshan Emperor slammed on a golden seat,Golden seats were crushed by him,His face is very,Double 着 向 向 向72Box。
“Lin Feng!”Park Ruyi is gloomy,Kill。
“Ha ha!”Fei Xiange Lord Haha smiled:“it is good,it is good,it is good,good,It seems that many people care about this magic knife!”
“Amitabha!”Living Buddha smiled and got a great Buddha:“Eight wild,Who doesn’t want this key。”

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