“No,Used to fight,But forgot,Maybe I haven’t learned it before,Moreover,This is a sport for you rich people,We poor people don’t even dare to dream”

Xia Jian smiled,Deliberately said to Zhou Li。
Zhou Li is not angry,Instead he smiled and said:“You are getting more and more mean。Even if we are not friends,It’s not an enemy!”
“Zhou Zong!Let’s not talk about this today,I must be very clear to you,Let’s talk about business first”
“You play with me is part of talking about work,Just make me happy,Everything is easy to say。But your attitude today is wrong,Makes me feel a little bit upset”
Zhou Li said,Took off the big sunglasses on his face。Haven’t seen this woman for so long,Xia Jian did not expect,Li has become more beautiful this week,It seems that this rich man can maintain。
Zhou Li’s female secretary and Heiwa stood not far behind them,So Xia Jian is not afraid that I can hear them。So he laughed and said:“Zhou Zong!Yesterday’s sun can’t dry today’s clothes no matter how good,So let’s not talk about the past”
“Did i talk?You have been entangled in the past,Never let me go”
Zhou Li’s face changed suddenly,She said to Xia Jian very seriously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It seems that the problem is with me,Then I won’t worry about it anymore。go!Noon,Should we eat back in the city?”
“Don’t worry about this,I have already booked a seat here,Let’s enjoy lunch slowly,Talk slowly。So you should be satisfied!”
Zhou Li said and smiled,And revealed a mouthful of white teeth。
The two get dressed,Then got in the car,The trolley took the four of them to the restaurant,A staff member greeted us again。The service at this golf course is really top-notch,Xia Jian was also quite surprised。
As soon as you enter the hall,Xia Jian was even more surprised。

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