Sang Biao suddenly realized the danger in the opponent’s eyes,Suddenly he saw the young man raising his gun arm,His hair straightened up,Even too late to warn,An wailing voice flashed into the door frame of the hall。

A series of gunfire rang out again,The roar of the fat fish head mixed in it,It took a while to calm down。When Hao Biao courageously stuck his head out again,The figure on the wall has long since disappeared。
There is still a dark alley outside the back door,Surprisingly narrow。Li Tianchou didn’t see Wu Fang,But I have heard calls and noise not far away。So he gave up looking,According to the agreement between the two before, rush to the road before entering。
But didn’t run a few steps,The front alley is already well-known,You can tell from the yelling of the other party that they are looking for someone,And it’s probably Wu Fang。Li Tianchou didn’t hesitate to turn into a side road,There are dense alleys in this old residential area,The road is complicated but can always be detoured,He also believed in Wu Fang’s ability,Doesn’t care about the mob in front。
Li Tianchou turned around for a long time,Finally came to the main road,At this time, the position is already some distance away from the position of the game hall,But you can still see a lot of people shaking at the intersection。This time I stabbed a hornet’s nest,Not long,Those who are thankful will find people all over the county。
The place of right and wrong is not easy to stay long,Li Tianchou took out his cell phone and quickly dialed Wu Fang’s,But no one answered the speaker after a long time,Without any choice,He took the phone and walked quickly in the other direction of the road。
at this time,A car is speeding up in front of the road,Under the dim street light, it is not clear what model it is,And the driver is quite fucked,Suddenly turned on the high beam,Li Tianchou couldn’t even open his eyes with a strong beam of light,He is instinctively alert,Clenched the pistol in his pocket,And immediately dodge to the inside of the sidewalk。
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Old nest
Unexpectedly, the car rushed straight forward,The front wheel is already on the road teeth,The front of the car rushed forward for several meters before it stopped abruptly,But the high beams of the dog day still shine like daylight。Li Tianchou calmed down instead,Standing behind a concrete pole,Calmly took out the pistol from his pocket。
“What are you doing?Get in the car。”A black head protruded from the front side window of the car,Although I can’t see my appearance under strong light,But it is clearly Wu Fang’s voice,At this moment he suddenly realized something,Turning his head and shouting at Yuan Hua in the driving seat,“You fucking deliberately?”
“Damn,Did not notice。”Yuan Hua quickly turned off the headlights as if suddenly realized,The seemingly friendly Li Tianchou beckoned,“Get in the car。”
“Your uncle didn’t pay attention,Don’t always play tricks when I’m absent。”Wu Fang still yelled reluctantly。At this time, Yuan Hua has a thick face,Sitting there without saying a word。

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