Looking at Wright’s expression,Cecilia easily read Wright’s meaning:“You plan to go to that oasis again,Go to fight the Tanaldi monster,Come to feel that【The pulsation of the earth】?”Cecilia held her head in one hand,some‘headache’Asked。

Lei Feature nods:“Yes,Cecilia, you go home first,rest assured,I have no confidence in dealing with this monster,It’s hard to take care of you,But on escape,I am 100% sure!”
Cecilia understands her husband’s desire for the law of perception,Had to roll his eyes。
“Ok,be careful,You are not alone。I’ll go back to the mansion of the Puang Empire first。”
“rest assured,Leah。”Wright smiled。
Chapter 27—Pulsation of the Earth
“Boom boom boom~”
An oasis in the hot desert,Eight kilometers long,Dark green vines flying around the sky,Whipping a figure one after another。
And the position outside,Wright suspended on the ground,Eyes closed。
Water taboo magic“Mirroring!”The magic of life will form a mirror clone exactly like yourself,Except that this mirror clone is very fragile in defense,It’s no different from a real body。
The mirror clone is injured or even destroyed,Basically no impact on the ontology,It just consumes magic and mental power。
This magic is actually quite tasteless,first,The body must maintain contact with the mirror clone,Can’t really improve combat effectiveness,And the strength of the mirror clone is also inferior to the body;of course,With this magic, you can remotely control and fight people desperately,Even if the overall strength is weaker than the deity,But after all, desperate and need to pay attention to defending opponents,These are two different fighting styles。But then again,This kind of water system forbidden magic consumes more mana than ordinary forbidden magic,You have to consume mental power to control,Even the Saint Magister at the limit of the sanctuary is difficult to release continuously。
Second come,This magic can be easily used to detect dangerous situations,Very convenient and safe in the adventure,But is there any place in the material plane worth the adventure of the sanctuary powerhouse?And if it’s the highest plane,This little trick is meaningless,After all, this magic still has a control range。
However, Wright can easily release more taboo magic with the mutant soul and the Azure Dragon Ring,It’s safer to play against people。
This is also why Wright dared to fight against the Tanaldi monster,Wright is not alone,But he won’t try his life,Just for feeling【The pulsation of the earth】。
The feeling of link mirroring,The difference with the real body is quite big,Besides, the whole body is composed of water element,Mirror Wright’s self-defense,Shuttle in the air,Avoid those eight vines。
Eight vines alone,Although powerful,Not too slow,But after all, it is not dexterous enough。If Wright can play at full speed,You can easily travel through the gaps of the eight vines。
but-The means of the Tanardi monster are more than that,When the vine lashes,A strange invisible force acts on Wright’s mirrored body。

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