Wen Yan has already made a good consultant, but it is ready to go.。

Not think,Advisor is stopped,Side view,Sure enough, your head is:“Um。”
……Although it is just a simple“Um”。
Wen Yan surprised to look at the consultant,I didn’t pick up the expression for a while.,ask:“Teacher brother,What is your mood today is especially good??”
Advisor is not available,Did not immediately go away,God『color』I can’t see anything:“Warm brother,I remember,Let the feng love meaning.。”
Wen Yan,Only, this inexplicable lonely teacher is really talking to himself.,When I suddenly became a sense of responsibility and pride of a brother,Explain:“A long time ago,There is really this statement in the world.。Shipping,However, when I wooled at that time.,Many Wang Gong aristocrats and the family。Later, men’s dress gradually became more,I will not give a simple men and women in love.,But I am appreciative、Good intention, etc.。”
Consultant’s eyes『color』Sudden solidification:“……”
Abruptly,Ask:“Why do men use a lot of,It is not an expression of love.?”
Wen Yan Si:“About……Is the name of the name、Make a hill,This kind of artistic conception?”
Advisor is low,“Really……Kindness。”
How can these people can play like this?,Say your good hair is a situation,What I do now is not what I mean.,Who is this??
Who is good to change?
Wen Yan『color』:“Teacher brother,Do you say me??”
The eyes of the consultant, as if it is watching the fool。
Moderate:“How、what happened?”
How to talk about!
But it is a doubtful look of the district.,The majesty of brothers is not allowed to buse!
Advisor,The bottom is covered with cold『color』,The tone is so relieved.:“Since it is sentimentary,Even when moving,I still have a meaningful meaning。Warm brother,What do you think?”
Consultant’s leading corner,Get satisfactory。
Emergency turned to find a brother of Haizong,Urgently asked:“Fellow,There are physicians who specialize in the treatment of brain diseases.?”
The brothers of the sea is serious:“how?But who doesn’t care carefully?”
Wen Yan’s tone seems to have fulfilled,Surgery:“Yes,Moreover more than one。”
Chaozong brother:“??”

枝 倒,Long-lost,Watching the roof。
Toss such a pass,The road she came back was exhausted.,I want to sleep with myself. I can sleep.;The result is a pillow,Wake up in an instant。
She struggled some,Sit up from the bed,Material taking the storage bag,Continue to study amateur hobbies。
This immersion,It’s last half of the night.。
Branches and stretch the bones,Seeing the outside of the house, it has been pointed out.,I have been ate.。
This is really a trimming in the sense.。
She『sex』Walking around the house,I will teach her something when I last alchemy occult, and I have passed over my mind.。
In this world,The control of spiritual power is sometimes left『Medicine』effect,It’s really fine.。

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