“This is not stopped.,Don’t think that this treasure is your own.。”Austrian duck is unsatisfactory。

“Mix!”Jinshan Emperor looks coldly。
“Gamble,Let me give me,I3.1Wanjinshi。”at this time36There is a sound in the box.。
The owner of this sound is a heir Seilton, the Heart of Cattienda.。
“Ha ha,it is good,Silton,I will give you。”Lin Feng’s voice came from the box,This price has exceeded his expectations.。
“Silton,Gamble gave you,I don’t let。”3Inside the box, there suddenly came from a cold voice.:“I am out3.5Wanjinshi!”The owner of this voice is the golden family of the Nii Duck’s golden family for the new moon teacher.。
The name of the Niki Duck in the Niki Duck is actually similar to some of the other countries in Southeast Asia.,Brought the vastness of Western culture,Of course, in addition to migrating the Hua exception to there。
“3.5Wanjinshi?Too little4Wanjinshi。”at this time6There is a indifferent sound in the box.,A tackle,Long Junmei’s teenager man’s mouth with a small bloodthirsty smile,He is long and handsome。
Blue scorpion,Blonde,Wearing a swallow,Like a gentleman,Holding a cup in hand,The cup is full of wine in the cup,The demon is like a blood like blood。
This person is named Hitra。
It is the successor who is the next president of the Dark Church in Western Underground World.。
Dark church has a vast influence in the Western world,Accumulated countless wealth,It is a wealth of wealth.,in Europe,Do not,There is a huge influence in the world。
“Mix!”33The Golden Mountain Emperor of the rice almost wants to be crazy.,He didn’t think of a temper knife to increase the land.。
Even if the stick gods control the great forces of the Empire Empire Economic Life, it is difficult to take out.4Wanjin’s wealth。
He hopes to come like a simple,Park Ruhu is revealing the color,His eyes expected to be around:“Allocate,Give a face!”Then the next middle-aged man in a long phase and Hitra appearance。
Middle-aged man with golden ponytail,With sunglasses,Holding a cigar in your mouth,Spit a smoky circle:“I want eight wilders.,Otherwise, put this stem in the dark abyss,forever!”
This person is the current Dark Church of the President Ben Lrad!
Jinshan Emperor and busy are looking for each other.,And then busy:“You first take this handle and say it.!”
“4Wanjin Site is already。”Benlad faint smile。
“Dark church?Great??5Wanjinshi,Photographed the devil knife throws into Huangquan,Don’t want to open the great treasure!”Just when the sound of the Lagade,72The box has once again sounded a hegemonic voice.。
NS634chapter Move the stone to your own feet
72The sound of the box,Suddenly caused an uproar。
“I wiped the god, I was worthy of gambling,Take a price directly10000Kingshi。”
“day,The wealth is rough。”
“People have this capital,Earn a lot of money among the gambling bodies last night,Plus his own hand holding a few people,And no one knows that he has no hidden wealth。”
“Yes,Is this the rhythm that is going to fight with the Dark Church??”
“However, the dark church seems to be ambiguous.。”
“Ambition?makes sense,The financial resources of the dark church are very strong,I don’t know how much wealth has been accumulated.。”
“Have rich people,Even the opportunity to increase the price increase。”
“It is estimated that there are not a few forces to compete for。”
“makes sense。”
Many people discuss。
“Mix!”Ben Lad heard his face and gloomy,Looking at the eyes72Among the box,Silk killing。
But when this stock is just raised,A horrible murder swept,One of them killed him,Can’t bear it。
Ben Lad snort,And Huangquan’s Lord,Wang Chao,The main sever of hell has converges the killing machine。
“Lin Feng,This seat can tell you the drop of Phoenix’s true blood。”Park Rui’s cold voice sounded。
“This is true?”Lin Feng wrote a surprised voice。
“of course it’s true,I don’t know what the world is about this news.,Only I have a stick, I know this message.。”Jinshan Emperor’s tone is with a cold arrogance:“If you want to know, don’t mess around.。”
“Ha ha……it is good,5Wanjinshi,Who is beyond a gold company,I will concession,This is no longer inserted by the magical knife.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Humph!”Ben Lad snort。

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