“Humph!J,I won’t let them。”Lu Hao Cheng is full of 戾。

Lan Xin did not fight him,The other party dares to do this,I am not afraid of being found by him.,And I can’t find it at all。
“Ah Cheng,I have something to go out at noon.,You don’t have to worry about me.。”
“Whereast?”Lu Hao is not assured to see her。
“Which is uncomfortable??”
“no,Cocoa can be a lot of spirit in these two days.,I want to go out,Let me go with her。”
“If I am not uncomfortable?,I have already told you.。”
“Oh!”Lu Haocheng doesn’t like her running every day.。
Just now,Li Jia gave them a warning。
“Ah Cheng,do not worry,Will get together with Qing,Qing Dynasty,You are also trustworthy,On the dark and ink and ink dye,No things。”Blue Xin knows that she is not at ease yourself.。
After all, Li’s people,I haven’t come back yet, I want to be unfavorable to their husband and wife.。
Those who have knockdatched the small counting,There is no threat to what threats。
But after that night’s things,The other party will not be in hand。
After all, wealthy is rough.,Black and white,Even unexpectedly dead one person,Will not have any relationship with them?。
This is the survival law of those people.。
If they don’t take action,No matter what happens,That is only an accident。
Blue Xin is slightly low,The eye is glitting a cold light。
She is hard to get happiness,Never let others easily destroy。
But before this,To solve the Joe Yiyi。
This woman,for money,What do things do。
Accompany Lu Haocheng ate lunch,The Journey has not come back yet.,She knew that the cat’s thing couldn’t.。
When she left,Waiting for the office of Joeyi。
Joe is also working hard,Working hard。
Seeing Blue Xin came in,She has a little heart:“what happened?Do you make me work not to be tomorrow??”
Blue Xin point:“I have something wrong noon.,Can’t go to the club,You will see a customer for me.,Is a film and television agent,I provided the other party’s sponsorship,It is a large production full of fashion positive energy.,Promoting our company can achieve a good role。”
Blue Xin information is placed under the table,“This is the information I have sorted out.,After you finish reading it, you have passed.,About two points。”
“what……”Joe Yiyi,“The other party is big production,I am a small assistant.,Not very suitable。”
“What is not suitable??As long as we are willing to sponsorship,No matter who goes,They all welcome,Or you have no letter?”Blue Xin is very indifferent。
Everything is to participate in commercial interests.,If not for commercial interests,Who will invest so many human materials and financial resources?。
The Chali Group is very fire,But there are so many countries in the world.,Before there is no fire all over the world,The Lu Group is still a corner of the Hutong.。
She is in this TV series.,Handsome men and women play together,Celebrity,Name,Fashion,youth,It is exactly to show her design.。
The other party is a person she knows.,I have found it a few times.,on the phone,She has promised。
“Qiao Association,Let’s introduce our company’s products,Use our design in the drama full of beautiful colors,Create fashion elegant taste。”
NS1564chapter:The mobile phone suddenly took away
“what……”Joe Yiyi face,This matter,How to fall on her head??
Blue Xin is not talking,Just turn around,Iron out a touch of smirk。
Joe Yiyi,I will definitely let you show fox tail.。

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