Now he can lead a relatively good life,Rely on certain influence in the industry。Always let him get some sponsorship,If the reputation is bad,Then he can only beg for food。

Although working overtime is hard,But it’s better than not having food。
Life is not all smooth sailing,You have to go through wind and rain to see the rainbow。
That’s what Jackson thought at this time。
First stay in Yuxin Technology for five years,After the contract expires,By working in the world’s most advanced quantum computer laboratory,Where can I not find a good job?
Anyway, he was only this year32,After five years37,There is still a lot of time to enjoy。Not to mention that although Yuxin Technology is hard here,But the treatment is still very good,A lot,More money,And you don’t need money at all in daily life,All board and lodging,And the food is quite delicate。
This somewhat makes Jackson’s mentality more optimistic and positive。
This is probably what Jackson thinks now,All these reasons also made him after seeing Wang Yufei,Behave respectfully。
of course,Even if he behaves respectfully,And there is no such cuteness as old John’s true feelings revealed。
“My idol boss,There is an important thing for you to come so late?”
When I saw Wang Yufei walk in the door,Old John asked naturally。
The title idol boss also made Jackson startled.,This title has too many slots to vomit,But he didn’t even know how to make a mouth。
“Cough!”Wang Yufei coughed a little awkwardly,For the straightness of old John,He has actually gotten used to it a lot,The first time I heard this title,He is even more uncomfortable than Jackson,Seems to call him a little old。

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