Xia Jian laughed and said:“So satisfied,I have worked hard for you all this time,Wait for me to rest,Invite you to eat western food,It’s also a reward”Xia Jian came casually when he was happy。

“no need,I’m tired of eating this western food,If you have a heart,When I went to the south to attract investment this time,Can take me on”Wang Lin lowered her voice and said,She also looked out the door carefully。
This security door has two layers inside and outside,In fact, it has a sound insulation effect,I can’t hear the sound from outside at all,The sound inside nature can’t hear anything outside,Wang Lin, this is a lingering fear。
“OK!Then let’s go together,You have to arrange this in advance,Should be arranged for us to work”Xia Jian said,Come to the window,Pulled up the blinds。
The bright glass can be seen under the whole building at a glance,Who is at the gate looking upstairs,He suddenly saw Xia Jian opening the curtains,Turned around in a panic and left,I disappeared in an instant。
Full of doubts Xia Jian quickly took out his phone,To Fang Fang downstairs:“There is a man at the gate,Look upstairs,You go and have a look,What does he do?”Fang Fang answered and hung up。
When Wang Lin heard Xia Jian say this,,Also ran over,She crawled on the window and looked at it for a while,Whispered to Xia Jian:“There is no one at the door!”
“He hid,You can’t see him at all”Xia Jian said,Put down the curtains again。
Fang Fang knocked on the door and ran in,She gasped and said:“Let him run,I only saw his back when he crossed the road,I didn’t see who it was”
“Ran?This shows something is wrong,Not to be underestimated recently,You want to tell Heiwa about this,Let him remind the security,Strengthen inspection at the gate,No one can come in”Xia Jian solemnly said to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin nodded and said:“President Xia, rest assured,Our monitoring equipment has been installed,Wait for debugging,Just come in a puppy,We can also find out,Let alone an individual”
I was in a very good mood,Made a fuss by this guy,Xia Jian’s mood plummeted,He immediately asked Fang Fang to send him back to Beishan’s home。
Xia Jian in bed,Keep looking at the roof,This time he was in danger in the middle of the night,It’s not an accident at all,But someone carefully arranged,But he just can’t figure it out,Who will kill him??Several business competitors,Shouldn’t kill his mouth!Who considers their life more important than anything else,There is no need to take such a big risk。
Who would this be?He came here to stare at him for what purpose,Xia Jian was lost in thought,He is young and vigorous these years,Really offended a lot of people。
“what happened?I shut myself in the house as soon as I came back,I told you more than once,Your priority now is to heal well,Wait until everything is back to normal,Do whatever you like,I promise not to say a word“Old Xiao didn’t know when he pushed the door and walked in,He said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian hurriedly got up,He smiled and said:“I feel I am normal now”
“nonsense,Are you like this before?Put your head on the edge of the sofa,Can fall asleep,This shows that your body has not fully recovered yet,Take a good rest,Don’t think about anything else,Even if the sky falls,Isn’t there anyone else??”Old Xiao has a serious face。

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