Go to San Francisco to find a job,Gao Bo,So not worry。

Chen Linzhi rushed to the airport,Specially go to the hospital to visit the money,With some fruit supplements,Milk bought two caprints。
In fact, she is fine.,Eat some nutritious things to make back the vitality,Little boy in the next block is sluggish,Is her brother。
Ten people’s ward,Be too noisy,Chen Linzhi can help!,Just find a doctor, please ask the other side to change the four people.。
So all the second base,It is the tofu for this province to eat and have a malnutrition.,The help of the help will help help。
Chen Linzhi is very embarrassed,After all, if you don’t meet him,Qian Yue’s end, I don’t know how it will be.。
To say poor,Almost the back of the station,There is a heartbeat story,It is already a good situation for money.,At least Chen Linzhi did not want to have a snow、Fall in the stone,I really have a considerable surgery and hospitalization fees.。
He looks like this,Some of the meaning of the slag men still have to make a pavement,But always save people,I heard that my brother is going well.,Look at the later situation,Money is quite happy
Not necessarily returning to Guangzhou。
So Chen Linzhi,Also help her re-rented the house of two rooms,Rent seventy dollars a month,Arrive in ordinary people a month income,One-time payment of rent a year。
The location and environment are naturally excellent,Is a new building in the city,Point to a small leader,People don’t dare to live,So the external rental of household。
Waiting for money to discharge,Come over,Colorful electric refrigerator and washing machine are complete,Belong to this year“Luxury home”。
See the money,Chen Linzhi, I can’t let her not owe a debt.,It is best to give“Interest”。
The plane is drinking Maotai is a real thing.。
As long as you can drink on the spot,Unlimited supply Flying Maotai。
Chen Linzhi is too lazy to take advantage of it.,Standard and wait for the wine collection,Subsequently, I found that my little family was angry.,Old difficult difficulty,Since it is going to,It is also to buy Maotai stock as a shareholder.。
Airjet is quite polite,Rarely learned English,Even if Chen Linzhi uses Mandarin to talk to them,They still choose English。
Chen Linzhi as the only foreign guest on the full plane,Because of helplessness, I have to use English.,Can make the flight attendants。
Where is the high prospect?,But I am going to see the foreign minister.,Fifty steps laugh,Mutter now the little girl is realistic,Didn’t they go to the mountain to go to the countryside。
Taxi outside the airport door,Brand“Big hair”,Chiang color van,Storm。
Car technology,Driver step on the throttle,The car is slowly long,Starting black smoke。
The driver learned that Chen Linzhi is a“foreigner”,I will introduce him to the customs of the four ninetes of customs.,In fact, Chen Linzhi has come to the world.,Roast duck、Great Wall、North Sea Park is not interested in。
The three rings of the four cities have just been built.,Chen Linzhi looked at a strange old city,Asking where there is an old goods market,I want to give some old objects to the elders.。
Rose Road with a cool water river、Xuanwu factory、Fulong Street Market in the west of Tianqiao,Taxi driver, such as several,Naturally, the famous friendship store。
Ask the so-called Panjiayuan,The driver told to say no Panjiayuan,There is only a Panjia kiln,The kiln of the kiln,And there are no people to sell old objects.。
It is not enough attention to the protection of cultural relics.,Nowadays, people have gradually known that the old food can be changed to money.,So when I listened to Chen Linzhi, I want to buy antiques.,Driver is particularly calm,Remind the old goods market frequently be sweeped by the inspection team,Be careful to buy things。
Avoid external flow?Still not this concept。
Since Friendship Mall, the price of the price is exchanged,The following people see favorable map,Also learn。
Chen Linzhi gave a tip of a dollar when he got off the bus?,The driver is almost happy to bubble,Question inch, ask your car, you need to pack his car,Be late。
Even if you are full of streets,There are not many people who are willing to take out the taxi,This driver is thick face,Chen Linzhi is convenient,I really promised。

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