If she doesn’t take myself back,I am only afraid that it is already a corpse.。

Blue Xin shakes his head:“I am fine.,It’s just a little scratch on the arm.,Are you OK?”
Blue Xin has some fears in her belly。
Zhu Tingting shook his head:“Fortunately, you will take me back.,Also protect me。
It’s you,Clothes have been broken,Arm injured,I am going to the hospital with you.。”
Blue Xin looked down at your own wound,There is no problem。
“fine,Clothes wearing thick,Just scratch a little skin,I will go back to some medicine.。”
She carefully looked at the wound.,There is no need to go back to the hospital.。
Zhu Tingting handed his own business card to Blue Xin,“This lady,this is my name card,Can you give me your phone number??
I have time to contact you again.,Thank you very much.。”
Blue Xin smiled and took a business card in her hands.:“This lady is too polite.,Have a hand,You’re welcome,I go first。”
Blue Xin turned back to his car,Open the car。
When the car leaves,Through rearview mirror,She saw Zhu Ting Ting still standing in place.,Disappearing,It is very distressed。
Blue Xin boldly guess it,People who open the car should be Li Xingyu。
otherwise,Zhu Tingting will not have the shock expression。
Blue Xin has just returned to the company,Stop the car,I received WeChat of Mo Qi。
one look,Sure enough, it is the fourth world’s Zhu Jia.。
Blue Xin laughs,So smart, let her meet.。
Although the scratches on the arm are very painful,But today’s things will help her day.。
She took out soft paper,Gently wipe the blood on the wound,Hurt her tears DC。
She quickly get off,Sitting a special elevator,Go straight to the office。
Lu Hao Cheng has just opened it back,Seeing Blue Xin is not in the office。
Preparing to call her,Go and see her pushed。
With her approach,His keen sense of smell,Suddenly smelled bloody。
He eyebrows,Go to her:“Blue,what happened?”
Looking at her good wool coat broken,Quickly pull her arms inspection。
“hiss”Clothes wipe wound,The pain of the painful blue Xin took a breath。
“Ah Cheng,You tap,pain!”
“You also know hurts.,Where have you been??”
He is not good,But I have to die.。
Society this morning,Mood is not good,I saw her injured.,Mood is not good。

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