“Oh,I actually saw it.,I am his branch”Springs smiled and said。

“All right,Take it out,There is such a little left.,I know that I will stay more.”Square is a bit helpless。
After the transfer of eyes, it can’t be transferred again.,And I want to contact the body of Quan Wei.,Only the organization。
But there is so much total,Split once again,Can’t split。
That organization is the standard of two white eyes,Unless the spring is going to find a pair of eyes,But you can’t let him kill a day to the guest.!
Sprinkle,The face begins to become rooted,A white ball was wrapped out by root。
Spring hand,This ball splits into two halves.,Half flying into the hands of the spring,The other half is wrapped in the roots.。
Spring recovered。
Hurry is a little curious。
Springs print in hand,“Wood”
Then I must spread out from the spring.,Spring has created a branch。
Then it is the same as the spring,White ball,Incorporate。
“Wait a little bit slight,patience”Spring said to the heavy。
Head nodded,Just solve his physical problems,Little pain is nothing。
Spring nodded to the wooden。
Then the wood,I went to my side by myself.。
“Give me handle”
Higher we doubtful。
Wood is divided into hands and hit together,Then all changes into root,Started to spread towards you。
His a little nervous,Want to let go,But he now can’t open it.。
“do not worry,I have my ability as my body.,You can absorb Chakra you have ridiculous,And there are also a lot of special ability”Spring smiles。
Hurdish this。
Wood is full of roots,Climbing to the body,Start slowly,The clothes of the heavy weight are supported。
Then a wooden tight armor appeared on a heavy body.。
A white ball appeared in the middle of the heavy breastplate,Then being wrapped up by the wooden package.。
The entire armor is composed of a wood structure.,There is a large number of small roots in the armor.,Will not affect the activities of the heavy。
Helmet,we have everything。
The design style is the whole body design in the former online game.,It looks very gorgeous。
Also let the great emphasis,British。
But that is, this wooden color is somewhat,Spring has no way。
Just when we are so curious,Suddenly there was a tingling,It seems that there is something that is tied into the body.。
“Can you see it?,Heavy”A slap in the ear of all my eyes。
Heavy priest,He clearly didn’t see the springs.,Why can you hear the sound?。
This is the adaptencyclization version of the ear-sensorophone used before Spring.,Vibration through Chakra,Give the voice。
“This armor is my differentiation,Among them have my consciousness,Basic my ability he has,and。。。。”Spring smiles。
Then the body of the heavy body is suspended.。
“fly,Can I fly like a bird?”His excited。
“Be right,Yourself with my shadow,Including wood and other capabilities can be used,Even you can use a little bit of power,Specific degree,I have to see your cooperation.”Spring can not have so many idiots,Give it to your face.。

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