“Return them to me”Li Zhi who was sitting on the ground suddenly yelled。

Because he can see clearly,These more than ten young people can only fill up the number,Where is Xia Jian’s opponent in the real fight?。It’s better to stop early,Less hurt。
Zhao Chunling has a look,Rushed up in one step,Handcuffs,Handcuffed mercilessly。Li Zhi’s face is as earthy at this time,Did not say a word。
The villagers onlookers saw it,Hula, it’s all gone。Only a dozen young people,Standing there at a loss。
at this time,The road roller has started work。Secretary Wang standing on the side of the road with a smile on his face。
Zhao Chunling mentioned Li Zhi to Xia Jian’s car,Then he called more than ten young people aside,Had a spiritual baptism。
Finally registered all names,Checked the identity,Just sent them away。It seems that Zhao Chunling has a wealth of experience in this area。
“Chief Xia!It’s almost twelve o’clock,Should we go back to eat too?”Liu Zimin wiped the sweat from his face,Chong Xia Jian smiled and said。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling and said:“Let me teach you a good lesson,It’s hard for us to eat on our own,Taking him back is still a hassle”
“It’s too cheap for him,This person is leading the trouble,Missed all morning’s work for nothing”Secretary Wang said angrily。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“There are such people everywhere,But don’t worry,Dongwangzhuang within these three to five years,No one will run out to make trouble anymore。And one more thing,The village head of Dongwangzhuang seems to have helped him up,You have to make him stand up again”
“Are you talking about Li Liuzi?!As long as these people are cleaned up,He will definitely do it again”Secretary Wang said confidently。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“You better use this opportunity,Hold an ideological education meeting in Dongwang’s house,Let those who still have any thoughts in their hearts,Completely disillusioned。You should understand what i said,Xiao Liu doesn’t have to go back,Keep following Secretary Wang!”
“it is good!I will go to Dongwangzhuang with Xiao Liu now,Hit the iron”Secretary Wang said,Pulled a handful of Liu Zimin who was a little reluctant。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Go!Dongwangzhuang will definitely entertain you two warmly,Cold noodles at noon are definitely indispensable”
Listen to what Xia Jian said,Liu Zimin smiled and followed Wang Shu。
Zhao Chunling glanced at Xia Jianshang,He pulled the car door and jumped up。Xia Jian stood in the shade,Watching the road roller rumbling。There seemed to be a hardened concrete road before his eyes,A group of children are playing on it。
Zhao Chunling spent more than half an hour in the car,Li Zhi finished the lesson。When she opened the handcuffs and let this man down,The legs look a little soft。
It seems that some people are just superficially strong,Just like this Li Zhi。Xia Jian is waiting for Li Zhi to leave,Just jumped into the car。He started the car,While asking Zhao Chunling:“what’s the situation?”
“This guy was hired,But the person who hired him didn’t show up,Just made arrangements for him on the phone,Then he received a sum of money,The amount is not very big,Only two thousand yuan”Zhao Chunling lowered her voice and said。

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