“I take you out of the city.,Let’s go tonight.。It is also a full of your strength.。Enrollment,This is what you want.?Hurry,Pure enough spirit,I took you away at night.。”

Said to the solitary standing,Going directly outside the night door。
“that,What’s your name?”
Half a day,Gong Gong does not know what is Shanleo。
http://www.thmos.cn “A stupid woman,You don’t have to know。”
Drop this sentence,Women who are often easy to fever at a certain mind try to know how Gong Gong will respond。
Outstanding yard,Shanleo said to bamboo pole:“In the evening, I took this guy out of Xiangyang City.,You and me.。”
The bamboo pole remembered that Gao Baoyi said to himself.,If the high is hard, it is going to go,Then let him go directly,No matter what this stupid。
He looked at another woman who was still stupid.,A great feeling in my heart。
Gao Biyi’s first love encountered Li Shini, smart and thoughtful woman is really lucky.。
Shanle galo and Gao Longpeng are people who should be together.,Both people are unable,Can’t work。
“I’m OK,The main public order is just let me protect you.。”
NS507chapter Nanyang has no war
Wang Lin account Under Sima http://www.gsp12580.cn Panzhong,Seeing glamorous solitary gino in the gate of Xiangyang City,The middle of the man who caught and crashed with Gao Biyi on the night of the night.,Some quirky in my heart。
Now the sword is arrogant.!
Zhou Jun,Qi Jun is confrontation,The battlefield situation is abnormal,A small Mars can detonate。
But he is only working in Wang Lin.,Instead of standing under the master of Gao Baoyi,Use a sentence summarize,Don’t let go of men arrested,Check with himXthing。
“lady,It has been resounded,This soldier is crash,What are you doing??”
Pan Zhong did not dare to stare at Shanleo’s face,Some women are not what they can think.,Sorry does not look,Will not be tempted。
“Cough,Is such that。My family is a letter,Let me quietly put this person,Although I feel strange,But this is military affairs,I have a woman in a woman.。
Pelimea feels how?”
How can I,Put people!Where is your own family, where I am?
Pan Zhong waved,Let the hand open the city gateway:“Lady up to the shore,Naturally someone sent him to the river。Over the river,I can’t guarantee others.。
You must not pass the river。”
“That is nature,Labor。”
Shanle gado,Then take the ferry to the Hanjiang River with Gao Changong。
Not snow tonight,Month star。Gao Chang Gong played Shanleo,I don’t know what to say.。
He worships the big brother,Um,Not an,Is an outbox?。Put your own yourself in private.,Will I will give the other party to kill the disaster?
“Their big brother knows,Will it take you??”
Gong Gong asked,I feel this time I owe a big thing.。
Although he doesn’t know what the other party has sent yourself.。
“Will not,Alang is coming back, I will tell him.。If he intends to kill me,Then I will first kill the son of my life.,Let him look good。”
Said gamro said。
The bamboo pole in the boat is almost didn’t laugh.。
A woman is just a bad mouth,When he came last time, he saw that Gao Biyi came back to the bed.,What do you know?,But I didn’t see this woman struggled.。
Also kill your son?,It’s really dare to say,Duck died hard。
I heard this, Gao Gong is also speechless.,I only hope that what don’t do。
The ship quickly arrived in Han River.,Above there to Zhou Guo,Near North Yanyu County。
Due to Dou Yi led the Zhou Jun Turtle in Shenzhou City,The exploration of the cold winter lunar month is not a lot.,Therefore, the chance of high-rise and caving Huaihe Camp is still quite high.。

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