“Now,I have a ladder.,Let you,And I,And all our people can climb to the surface of the well,Look at how big the sky outside is,How high,Multi-blue!

Do you have the heart to remove this ladder??”
Bandel light http://www.teamfind.cn is speechless,I don’t know how to answer this question.。
“Go back and think,You dismantled the ladder,I can still take one more.。However, what is the world that can’t see the outside world?。If you want to pass,If you want to go to Jinyang to go to you.。”
NS1158chapter South attack Behun(1)
Hot summer day away,Wheat in the field,Slowly become golden,It seems just a turn,Autumn footsteps quietly。
Billow is a step by first,Leave the city to Jinyang。Go with him,There is also a nephew of the Light’s nephew,And his goddess army。
These people will serve as backbone strength and preparatory team,Come to Given the light。
And Xiao Yu’s unlucky egg,Also sent by Gao Bo Yi,Tiger,Then I will go directly from Luoyang to Hongnong City.。What will happen?,Gao Bao can not control,That is Yu Wenxia to worry about it.。
It is worth mentioning that,Xiao Yu,Xiao Yu’s son Xiao Yu,Also a special trip, I have a gift to call Gao Bo Yi.,It seems to thank him“Unworthy”。If the Greetor Hades are not at a little,Head on the green hat on his head.。
This also made Xiao Yu have a new understanding of the master of Gao Biyi.。
before,Xiao Wei, Gao Baoyi is a hungry,As long as there is a beautiful woman to send the door,No reason。But from this situation,It seems that Gao Biyi is not that simple person.,He has a set of its own judgment standards。
Such person,Not so good to deal with!
Xiao Yu can’t help but feel a bit guilty。
Gao Biyi is not doing something for his wife now,Don’t mean what you will do in the future,Just look at it needs。Originally Xiao Yu,Xiao Yu felt that his good days came.。Now it seems,Maybe it may not be like this.。
this day,Gao Biyi visited the State-owned Textile Workshop in Xicheng,Can’t help but admire Li Delin and Yang Wei.。basically,What he wants to achieve,It has been implemented to the implementation。
Passed Jinyang Xianbei,It is again organized again,only,Not relying on those Xianbei nobles for the backbone,Instead, the workshop and the pipeline are the main frame.,Strict constraints with regulations。
well done,Reward,can not do well,dismiss,Then degrades to the next floor,Engage in more dangerous,More hurting the body。Everything is a paid service,The rule is clear。
For a long time,I didn’t have anything in the workshop.!
Gao Boyi is the so-called“Customs”Have a deeper understanding。
Xianbei Military House on Jinyang,Overall,Justice,Pay attention to actual,Don’t like to talk。Like the best price,All systems are placed,More than the prospective aristocracy is not moving,Even a lot of charters。
And also divided the field!
Gao Baoyi method,It is only able to warm the land.,People in the family must have to do things from the army or to the workshop,In order to let the family continue。
This is also an alternative attempt。
Once these people are stable,They are the soldiers under Gao Baoyi,And capital of the world。
“Every workshop,I have to choose a team that maintains public security.。Place the people from the Shenmei army in it,Workers with workshops。How to do,You look at it yourself。”
Gao Bao said to Li Delin。
Now Li Delin“Household”,Directly with the state-owned workshops of Yucheng,All products must be inventory in stock,Then these things will be mostly military needs.。
“But the main public……I have no experience in my own job.?”
“I let Zhang Wei assist you。”Gao Biyi patted Li Delin’s shoulderway:“All military needs,Winter,Be http://www.guang618.cn able to support the battlefield at any time。Especially cotton coat,do you know?”
The words said this.,If it is pushed again,Still not a man?
The two people walked to the gate of the city,Seeing a lot of people selling things at the gate of the city。Nowadays, the South City can be described as inch,Even the merchants in the Western region are here to do business.,Then turn around Huainan’s Yangzhou,Retreat,Form a complete trading line。
原 南 城 原 的 商铺,I don’t know how many hoses have been changed.,There is nothing behind it, there is money.。Gao Baoyi is also a closed eye with this eye.。

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