Bearing in the face of Yu Zhaojun,Or is it afraid to weaken the authority of the high-house royal family?,Gao Ye has always been to the two of themselves.。

This situation is not rare,Because of the history of Yu Yu,This is also such an emperor,But than the high ocean,He is more stupid,Also haruse。
Killing rooms and their supporters are really cool,However, it is also invisible to weaken your own strength.。If it is not Yu Hu,Which is Yang Jian and the big things??
Gao Yang is more savvy,It is clear that it is toxicoma,But when the time is immature,He can press the impulse,Waiting for the opportunity to start again。
For example, it is a good time now.。
“Everything is commanded!”
Gao Boyi fully demonstrates the consciousness of dog legs。
“Jiuhe,I have always been relieved.。This matter is handed over.。I only have a request。”
“Your Majesty。”
“if,I said that if the Loushan King and Changze Wang,So nine you will take them later,I have to pay to the shackle。
The rest, etc.,If it is an emergency,Ai Qing can be paid first。”
Higashi,Not necessarily mercy and high,He is likely just wants to see two younger brother who has been ignorant.,The poor face that is squatting on the ground。
after all,Personally fall,Display them or kill them,Give their wife and women to the genus,This is the ruler of this era.,Cage。
Gao Yang naturally can’t help。
“Bamboo,Minister knows the inch,Please rest assured。”
“okay,You go busy.。From today,You don’t have to stay here at all times.,Go to do what you should do。”
Hi Yang’s suspicion is committed,He won’t believe in anyone.,Will find ways to constrain,control,Draw differentiate,Especially the one who is like Gao Boyi is even more such.。
Instead, the Wufu, which is a no-founded Wufu, is more trustworthy.。all in all,Trust,Inverseby with its own ability。The more you can dry,Gao Yue is anti-。
Gao Bao is a gift。
Nowadays, I have already arrived at the poor.,What is useless?,Do one。This big city,I don’t know how many people will land.,Blood flow。
A street corner of Changguangwangfu,Dress up into green skin mixed fish,Squatting on the ground。But all the beautiful little ladies who have passed,He will whistle with people,Dream gesture。
That temperament is blended with green skin mixed outside the North City,What is it like?。Um,It should be said that he is a very color.。
Two days of long-term Wangfu are quiet and unusual,This also makes the fish praise the anxiety that you can’t say.。
The task of fish is to go out of the people of Chang Guangwangfu.,But he thinks far more,Think of a lot of things that should not be thought。
He found a very important thing,But did not report to Zhang Wei。He wants to take this,Give yourself a lot of political chips。
Same thing,Different times,The effect is very different。
Fish praise is waiting for that“crucial moment”。
Just when he thinks,I used to mix the dog legs in Chang’an street with myself.“Dog head”Hurry running,鱼 鱼,Talk to him。
“Praise,The lady asked you how the situation is now.。Yucheng now everyone is looking forward,The lady gave you a ship to Yangzhou.,Someone in it over there。”
Cui Brings worried that the Custard of the Custody,Worried about the safety of fish,So preparing a retreat,I can let the fish to avoid the limelight。As for the Daqi Development Bank,It is already a big substitute.,Even if you have successful,Cui brings can also ensure that yourself。
One“Secret book”,Is the capital of the self-policy。

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