“Ha ha,Beauty,Mao Ge said is definitely the truth.。”

“exactly,Beauty, she leaves it.。It’s a chick when you look at it.。”
The companions of http://www.qcypcg.cn Changfa Youth have laughed attached to,Side of the key part of the Qinling,While margin。
Summer face next to sink,Walking two steps forward,In front of Qinling。
at the same time,On the street outside the rice-wire shop,Qin Rui Rong took two bodyguards to come,Face with a cold laugh。
“Oy,Little white face, what are you doing??Is it unable to meet your woman?,Ready to give buddy,rest assured,Buddy people will not let you down。”
Ni-line shop,See the summer,Long-haired youth is unscrupulous,And his companions also stood up,Like laugh,Eye-catching。
For this slag,Summer or even lazy nonsense,Five fingers claw,Right arm reveals forward,It’s like a mirror snake.。
Changfa Youth is not reacted at all,Just feel that the front of your eyes。
He sees a hand。
This hand is hierarchy his neck。
http://www.szhorsen.cn Next second,Breathing suffocation,Eyelids,Face color,Turntoon。
“Small,You are looking for death.。”
See this scene,Long-haired young companion is anger,It is necessary to rush it.。
I didn’t see them in the summer.,Single arm force,Suddenly lifting,Lightning。
Long-haired youth is like a garbage in the air,Flying from the top of people,Flying out of rice。
Then,狠 砸 外。
This power is very powerful.,It’s also heavy,Long-haired youth,It’s like a dead dog.,I can’t climb half a day.。
Several favorite companions,Also consciously stop,Looking at the summer。
Summer faint spit out a word。Sound is not high,But in the silent rice noodle store,Experienced and heavy,It’s like the sword in the embarrassment。
NS401chapter You first go to the toilet
Long-haired youth http://www.dnscname.cn companion,Obviously, the town is still in town.。
One arm raises a person,Then throw out the top……Let them understand,It’s not a summer opponent at all。
“You have a kind!”
Put down a few words,They ran out,Put the long hair youth。
“Mao Ge, you are fine.。”
Long-haired young people hurting,Anger,“Are you a dead?,Why don’t you do your hand?。We have received money。”
“Brother,The kid is not a good time.。”
“Yes, Mi brother,There are too few people.,It’s better to call a few people.。”
Three or four companions face,Don’t forget to find an excuse for yourself。

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